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GUI and keyboard friendly window arranger for the budgie and mate desktop
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GUI and keyboard friendly window arranger for the budgie and mate desktop



WindowShuffler is a window placement add-on. Click a window and subsequently click a tile in the grid, the window moves to the corresponding position on the screen. Shift-click two tiles will make the window span the two. Shift-click does not need to be on two tiles next to each other; cross- selection and spanning multiple tiles is possible. Options include: quick-grid all windows into the current grid, take a snapshot of current layout, reset to snapshot. The "extension" comes with a list of shortcuts, which can be called by pressing [ i ].

WindowShuffler supports multi-monitor setup. Windows are positioned in the grid -per screen-.

Set up

  • Make sure all of the following dependencies are installed: wmctrl, xdotool, python3-gi-cairo, python3-cairo.
  • Copy all icons (all .svg files) to /usr/share/pixmaps
  • Store all code files in one and the same diretory
  • Run the wrapper matrix_wrapper from either a shortcut or a hotcorner. Running the wrapper again toggles the grid.


  • Some windows have a fixed size, they cannot be resized.
  • Some windows have a minimum size, they cannot be resized below their minimum size.

Use WindowShuffler without the matrix window

Shuffler can also be used by cli. To use, run shuffler_nogui with as arguments the size of the matrix (horizontally, vertically) + the targeted position of the active window in the matrix (where 0 is the first). An example:

shuffler_nogui 2 2 0 1

will place the active window in the bottom left cell in a grid of 2 x 2.

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