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Coin2.1(C2) - a 'forward thinking' fork of Peercoin which uses proof of stake(POS) and is intended for bartering of goods and services. This coin was initially distributed to the first 1,000 people on FB with a wallet address. The community of Coin2.0 is tight knit and growing rapidly. Coin2.0 prouds itself on being the most greenest and ecofriendly coin, in the crypto space where precious energy is being wasted just to provide a fair share of the coin. C2 completely eradicates the need for mining and only little percentage of hashing power is needed to keep the network working and secure.

Here is some info:

Coin2.1 is going to revolutionize the gaming industry. First Person Shooter Link & Beta Testing Announcements

Coin Specs:

Pure PoS Coin

  • 60 sec block time
  • diff retarget each block
  • 3 transaction confirmations
  • 50 minted block confirmations
  • PoS block generation after 8 hours of holding

Variable interests (annual rate): Year-1: 30% Year-2: 20% Year-3: 10% Year-4: 5% Year-5: 2% Starting from Year-6: 1% annual interest for maintenance

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