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Hubbub Distributed Social Network (alpha)

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This is the Hubbub2 repository. For more information on this project, please refer to or email me if you got questions and comments:

The source code for the protoype is no longer available, let's pretend it never existed. 
It was horrible, and hence true to its purpose, which it served well. Please don't install 
this version, yet. It doesn't work. When it starts working, this message will change. 

Your server needs at least the following things:
- Apache or NGinx
- MySQL 3.23 or higher
- PHP 5.3 or higher

- Memcached
- Access to your server's cron tab

Pull down the repository and execute the installer by opening up the pertinent location in
your browser. Follow the instructions. After installation, you still need to configure your
cron tab (see below).

A word about "pretty" URLs:
We are using the standard URL rewrite rule that Wordpress uses (RewriteRule . index.php [L]),
this maps an arbitrary URL and hands it over to index.php. 

On Apache, the necessary .htaccess file is created automatically by the installer, please 
make sure mod_rewrite is enabled in your config. Consult the mod_rewrite manual if you 
encounter any problems. Take care of the RewriteBase parameter if you installed Hubbub in
a sub directory.

On NGINX, you can simply insert or modify the try_files directive in your nginx.conf to
include index.php (plus the path to your installation if needed):

  try_files $uri $uri/ index.php;

Installing Cron Poller
This is important: to poll messages from other servers, you need to create an entry in your
server's crontab that executes the polling mechanism in regular intervals. This is not done
by the installer since this task is reserved for the root user only on most Unix/Linux systems.
Open your crontab file from the command line (goes something like this)

  > sudo nano /etc/crontab
after which an editor will open. Add the following line to the file:

  */5 * * * * root php -f <yourPath>/cron.php > /dev/null 2>&1
where <yourPath> is the path to your cron.php file. This setting will execute the cron poller
every 5 minutes. This doesn't mean Hubbub will poll every server every 5 minutes, however.
Instead, the polling interval per server is located in the config option server.poll_interval
and is set to 10 minutes by default, so you can comfortably set the cron job to execute more
often. If you don't have access to your crontab, you can use a local or web-based cron service 
that calls cron.php regularly.

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