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A framework of tornado for modularity.


  • Easy way to make complex tornado application by:
    • Add a modularity of Tornado Application handler file.
    • Add a reusability of option definition.


  • tornado_base: Application engin to parse options, read TB handlers, compose appropricate tornado App class, then run tornado server.
  • TB handler: Application definition module files

TB handler

TB handler is a python module file which is consist of tornado Request handlers or/and tornado Websocket handlers. Each tornado handlers in TB handler are composed to a tornado application handler by/for tornado_base.

One of an advantage of TB handler is that: tornado handlers in the same TB handler file can share the same module global. You can gather related tornado handler modules on the same TB handler file to share glovals, and separate non-related tornado handlers into each TB handler files as your necesity.

Also, a each tornado handlers is provided a same global dictionaly variable tb_global which can share for server global status.


  1. TB_handler_classes: TB handler must have a module global variable TB_handler_classes which is a list of class name of tornado application handlers in this file. This is used by tornado_base.
  2. route: Each tornado application hander class must have a class variable route for route definition. This is used by tornado base.

A tipical TB handler is as follows:

import tornado.websocket           '''in case include tornado websocket handler'''
import tornado.web                 '''in case include tornado request handler'''
from tornado import gen            '''in case to use gen'''
from tornado.log import app_log    '''in case to use tornado logging'''

''' 1. TB_handler_classes '''
TB_handler_classes = ["RS_WebPortalPageHander", "RS_WebCommandPageHandler"]

class RS_WebPortalPageHander(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    ''' 2. route '''
    route = "/"
    def get(self):
        self.render('index.html', connections=connections)

class RS_WebCommandPageHandler(tornado.web.RequestHandler):
    ''' *** 2. route *** '''
    route = "/command"
    def get(self):

How to use

Run with sample handler ans sample as follows:

python [OPTIONS]

python -m tornado_base [OPTIONS]

With the sample

  • The sample handlers and is used for tornado application.

    • You can change the handlers which are used by editting the line tb_handlers on the file, or specifiy --tb_handlers option.
    • You can change/add handler import path by editting the line additional_module_paths on the file, or specifiy --additional_module_paths option.
    • You can change template(used by handlers) import path by editting the line templates_path on the file, or specifiy --templates_path option.
  • Tornado log is put to the /var/log/tornado_base/tb.log

    • You can change log output path by editting the line log_file_prefix on the file, or specifiy --log_file_prefix option.
    • You can disable log output to comment out the line log_file_prefix on the file, and not specifiy --log_file_prefix option.


Following options are available both command line and config file.

python --help
Usage: [OPTIONS]


 --help                           show this help information

/home/pi/.local/lib/python2.7/site-packages/tornado/ options:

 --log-file-max-size              max size of log files before rollover
                                  (default 100000000)
 --log-file-num-backups           number of log files to keep (default 10)
 --log-file-prefix=PATH           Path prefix for log files. Note that if you
                                  are running multiple tornado processes,
                                  log_file_prefix must be different for each
                                  of them (e.g. include the port number)
 --log-rotate-interval            The interval value of timed rotating
                                  (default 1)
 --log-rotate-mode                The mode of rotating files(time or size)
                                  (default size)
 --log-rotate-when                specify the type of TimedRotatingFileHandler
                                  interval other options:('S', 'M', 'H', 'D',
                                  'W0'-'W6') (default midnight)
 --log-to-stderr                  Send log output to stderr (colorized if
                                  possible). By default use stderr if
                                  --log_file_prefix is not set and no other
                                  logging is configured.
                                  Set the Python log level. If 'none', tornado
                                  won't touch the logging configuration.
                                  (default info) options:

 --additional-module-paths=path1, path2... 
                                  list of module paths
 --cert-file                      cert file name for running with ssl (default
 --config-file                    config file path
 --data-dir                       cert file path for running with ssl
 --port                           listening port (default 8888)
 --privkey-file                   privkey file name for running with ssl
                                  (default privkey.pem)
 --protocol                       ws: or wss:(default) (default wss:)
 --static-path                    [mandatory] handler class name of rhizome
                                  (default sample_handlers/static)
 --tb-handlers=handler1, handler2... 
                                  list of Tornado Base handler files
 --templates-path                 [mandatory] handler class name of rhizome
                                  (default sample_handlers/templates)

A config-file must be a python file which is consist of option=value. A sample is available as this.

The priority of option is as follows:

  1. comand line option
  2. option file specified as command line with --config-file
  3. ./ file

Autostart settings

Autostart stettings is available as following:

./ --on

Autostart turn off is as follows:

./ --off

Internally, create tornado_base service and turn on/off enable, start or disable, stop


A framework of tornado for modularity






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