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  iOS & Mac Quickstart

A peer-to-peer proximity SDK for iOS, OS X and Android

p2pkit is an easy to use SDK that bundles together several proximity technologies kung-fu style! With p2pkit apps immediately understand their proximity to nearby devices and users, estimate their range and exchange information with them.

p2pkit - proximity starts here

Get Started

  1. Using p2pkit requires an application key, start by creating a p2pkit account here: Create p2pkit account

  2. Once you have an account you can log-in to the console and create an application key: Create your Application Key

Note: p2pkit validates BundleIDs so don't forget to add ch.uepaa.p2pkit-quickstart-ios to the known BundleIDs when creating your application key

  1. This quickstart app requires p2pkit framework which needs to be downloaded separately, please follow the instructions here: Download p2pkit

  2. Drag P2PKit.framework to the p2pkit-quickstart-ios/dependencies/[ios/osx] folder for the appropriate platform (iOS/Mac).

  3. Head to the P2PKitController.m file and replace <YOUR APPLICATION KEY> with your new key:

[PPKController enableWithConfiguration:@"<YOUR APPLICATION KEY>" observer:self];

In general, a tutorial as well as all other documentation is available on the developer section of our website:

Get Started Video

Get started video

Watch video here

p2pkit License

  • By using P2PKit you agree to abide by our Terms of Service, License Agreement and Policies which are available here:
  • Please refer to "Third_party_licenses.txt" included with P2PKit.framework for 3rd party software that P2PKit.framework may be using - You will need to abide by their licenses as well
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