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Continuous Previews

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Continuous Preview(s) are an automation-enabled method by which in-progress development branches—known as topic branches—are continuously deployed in a dynamic production-like environment and are available for collaborative review and testing at a secure URL. By this method iterative feedback is accelerated and testing is conducted in a logical sequence where topic branch functionality testing is completed prior to integration testing and delivery (CP, then Cl / CD).


This repository is built using MkDocs, a fast and simple static site generator. Documentation source files are written in Markdown.


You can build a container image that serves these documents. docker build -t continuous_previews . will compile all of the Markdown into static files (HTML, CSS, etc.) and install them into an nginx image. You can then serve it by running docker run --network host continuous_previews and pointing your web browser to http://localhost.

Alternatively, you can install and run MkDocs locally on your workstation as described here:


Primary Authors: Josh Thurman and Grayson Adkins


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