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Thank you for your interest in AgileDwarf


for Redmine 2.x: unpack it into #{RAILS_ROOT}/plugins

for Redmine 1.x: unpack it into #{RAILS_ROOT}/vendor/plugins

  • Name the unpacked folder 'AgileDwarf'

OR instead of downloading and unpacking

execute git clone in corresponding folder.

  • In #{RAILS_ROOT} run the command "rake redmine:plugins:migrate"

  • Restart Redmine.

Agile Dwarf plugin implements the agile method based on pre-estimating every task in hours (as opposed to in points).

It adds 3 new tabs to your Redmine:

'Sprints' is intended for strategical planning or long-term management of backlog and sprints:

  • Quick backlog issues creation
  • Flexible sprints management
  • Drag & Drop support for items between backlog and sprints
  • Short sprint and backlog stats
  • Detailed sprint stats

'Tasks' is for day-by-day use, every member of the team can manage his tasks quickly and efficiently:

  • Current tasks for every member grouped by status (New, In Progress, Resolved)
  • Drag & Drop support for tasks in status groups
  • Quick time and progress tracking

'Run charts' is an instant overview of current project status:

  • One chart displays remaining and spent time at any point of the project lifecycle
  • You can easily switch the chart time scope (the whole projects or any given sprint) and team scope (the whole team or any member)