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PayPal package for django-oscar


PayPal Express is an API for integrating PayPal payments into an ecommerce site. A typical implementation involves redirecting the user to PayPal's site where they enter their shipping and billing information before arriving back on the merchant site to confirm the order. It can also be used purely for payment, with shipping details being collected on the merchant site.

This library provides integration between PayPal Express and django-oscar.

See the PDF documentation for the gory details of PayPal Express.


First, you'll need to create a sandbox merchant account with PayPal - this will provide a username, password and 'signature' which are used to authenticate API requests. I

If you want to test your installation in a browser (which you should), then you'll need to also create a sandbox buyer account so you can checkout.

Fetch package (not ready just yet):

pip install django-oscar-paypal

Add the following settings using the details from your sandbox buyer account:


Augment your INSTALLED_APPS to include and run syncdb to create the appropriate models.

Next, you need to add the PayPal URLs to your URL config. This can be done as follows:

from django.contrib import admin
from import shop

urlpatterns = patterns('',
    (r'^admin/', include(,
    (r'^checkout/paypal/', include('')),
    (r'', include(shop.urls)),

Finally, you need to modify oscar's basket template to include the button that links to PayPal. This can be done by creating a new template templates/basket/basket.html with content:

{% extends 'templates/basket/basket.html' %}

{% block formactions %}
<div class="form-actions">
    <a href="{% url paypal-redirect %}"><img src="" align="left" style="margin-right:7px;"></a>
    <a href="{% url checkout:index %}" class="pull-right btn btn-large btn-primary">Proceed to checkout</a>
{% endblock %}

Note that we extending the basket/basket.html template from oscar and overriding the formactions block. For this trick to work, you need to ensure that you have OSCAR_PARENT_TEMPLATE_DIR in your TEMPLATE_DIRS setting:

import os
location = lambda x: os.path.join(os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__)), x)
    os.path.join(OSCAR_PARENT_TEMPLATE_DIR, 'templates'),

If anything is unclear or not workin as expected then review how the 'sandbox` installation is set-up. This is a working oscar install that uses PayPal Express.


There's a smorgasboard of options that can be used, as there's many ways to customised the Express Checkout experience. Most of these are handled by simple settings.

  • PAYPAL_SANDBOX_MODE - whether to use PayPal's sandbox. Defaults to True.
  • PAYPAL_CURRENCY - the currency to use for transactions. Defaults to GBP.
  • PAYPAL_API_VERSION - the version of API used (defaults to 60.0)
  • PAYPAL_ALLOW_NOTE - whether to allow the customer to enter a note (defaults to True)
  • PAYPAL_CUSTOMER_SERVICES_NUMBER - customer services number to display on the PayPal review page.
  • PAYPAL_HEADER_IMG - the absolute path to a header image
  • PAYPAL_HEADER_BACK_COLOR - background color (6-char hex value) for header background
  • PAYPAL_HEADER_BORDER_COLOR - background color (6-char hex value) for header border
  • PAYPAL_CALLBACK_TIMEOUT - timeout in seconds for the instant update callback

Some of these options, like the display ones, can be set in your PayPal merchant profile.

Not included

The following options are part of the PayPal Express API but are not handled within this implementation - mainly as it's not obvious how you can handle these in a 'generic' way within oscar:

  • Gift wrapping
  • Buyer consent to receive promotional emails
  • Survey questions
  • User confirming order on PayPal (bypassing review stage)
  • Recurring payments
  • Fraud management

Known issues

  • Hasn't been adapted to work with offers and vouchers (yet). The discounts are not passed to PayPal at the moment.
  • Vouchers may have expired during the time when the user is on the PayPal site.


0.1 - 2012-06-12

  • First release based on oscar 0.2


Do this:

mkvirtualenv oscar-paypal
git clone git://
cd django-oscar-paypal
pip install -r requirements.txt

then you should be able to run the tests using:


There is also a sandbox site for exploring a sample oscar site. Set it up:

cd sandbox
./ syncdb --noinput
./ migrate
./ oscar_import_catalogue data/books-catalogue.csv

and run it:

./ runserver

Use the Github issue tracker for any problems.