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Adds attributes for test methods to use data driven tests in Fixie
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Fixie - Data Driven

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This projects adds xUnit style attributes to provide test data for Fixie unit tests.

It adds the following attributes:

Inline Data

Provide data from the attribute itself.

[InlineData(16, 9, 25)]
public void Add(int a, int b, int result)
    Assert.IsEqual(a + b, result);

Member Data

Provide data from a field, property or method of either the test class or any other class:

public static IEnumerable<object[]> Property => new[]
    new object[] {16, 9, 25}

public void Add(int a, int b, int result)
    var actual = a + b;

    Assert.IsEqual(result, actual);

Note that the member data property, field or method has to be static.


Add a custom Fixie configuration class and add the following lines to the parameters configuration:


For example a full configuration would look like this:

public class DataDrivenTestConvention : Convention
    public DataDrivenTestConvention()

        Methods.Where(method => method.IsVoid());

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