Clone of Atom One Light UI but with a wireframe effect added with an SVG filter
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Wireframe UI

Wireframe UI is a clone of Atom One Light UI but with an SVG pencil filter added for a black-and-white wireframe effect.


The SVG filter Wireframe UI utilizes is actually part of the Inkscape filter bundle. That entire bundle of awesome filter effects is included in the /assets/ folder as filters.svg.

There are 2 benefits:

  • easy access to all of Inkscape's scalable filter effects within Atom.
  • dead simple starting point for building UI themes relying on Atom One Light UI.

In short, anyone can fork this repo to create their own UI theme with easy access to amazing SVG filters.

All credit goes to the Atom One Light UI and Inkscape teams for their great work.


In the theme settings you can:

  • Change the Font Size to scale the whole UI up or down.
  • Choose between 3 Tab Sizing modes.
  • Hide the dock buttons.

To make changes, go to Settings > Themes > Wireframe UI > Settings or the cog icon next to the theme picker.


It's also possible to resize only certain areas by adding the following to your styles.less (Use DevTools to find the right selectors):

.theme-one-light-ui {
  .tab-bar { font-size: 18px; }
  .tree-view { font-size: 14px; }
  .status-bar { font-size: 12px; }


Why do the colors change when I switch Syntax themes. This UI theme is based on Atom One UI theme which uses the background color from the chosen syntax theme. If that syntax theme has a dark background color, it only uses its hue, but otherwise stays light. This lets you use light-dark combos.