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WF runtime ported to work on .NET Core
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Core WF

A port of the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) runtime to .NET Core 3.0.

This is not an official Microsoft release of WF on .NET Core. Core WF is a derivative work of Microsoft's copyrighted Windows Workflow Foundation.

To add this library to your project, use the NuGet package. ETW tracking provider is in a separate package here.

A call for help from the community

The Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) handles the long-running work of many companies. It powers SharePoint workflows, PowerShell workflows, Team Foundation Server build processes, and many applications in all types of businesses. As more developers look into adopting .NET Core, some are asking if WF will be officially ported. This project only ports the WF runtime and the ETW tracking provider.

Instance stores

The .NET Framework shipped with the SQL Workflow Instance Store (SWIS). This should be a straightforward port to the .NET Standard (issue link).

It is possible to implement your own instance store by implementing the abstract InstanceStore class. There are other implementations out there and it would be great to port them.

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