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Kong Docker Compose

This repo is a set of files that make it easy to run Kong locally in Docker.

The two main files are the kong.yml file, containing the Docker Compose configuration, and the file containing the logic to run Kong and some small configuration options.


  1. Download this repo to a working directory.
  2. Docker pull the Kong image specified in the top section of the file.
  3. Run ./ fresh to clean up an old running instance, re-build, and start Kong.


Currently the only configuration option is setting the Docker image used. The image is set by editing the file and set the IMAGE variable with the image name.


Running ./ help will display the commands and options availale to use and their discription.

Kong Docker Compose

Usage: make <command> [options]

    clean     Stop all running containers and delete everything.
    fresh     Delete everything and start a new cluster with default config.
    start     Start Kong Manager, Proxy and the Developer Portal.
    stop      Stop all running containers.
    restart   Restart a running Kong cluster.
    mig       Run Kong migrations.
    admin     Start the Kong Manager.
    proxy     Start the Kong API Proxy.
    portal    Start the Kong Developer Portal.
    httpbin   Run a local httpbin service.
    psql      Run a psql instance.
    info      Display information on the current env config.

    -r   This will enable rbac on the Kong cluster with hunter2 as the password.
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