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GitHubcello Build Status

This project helps you to work with GitHub and Metacello.

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Have it happened to you that you have your project on GitHub and it has a baseline but now you have to write down the Metacello script to load it? Not any more! Simply paste your repo URI into GTSpotter, wait a bit, select the baseline you want to load, and you're done!

###Limitations (for now)

  • Works only for repos where baseline package is in the root.
  • Does not support any special URIs (with queries, branches and so on).

Creating Baseline Fast

If you just need a baseline for one of your packages select Create Baseline from the Nautilus' package context menu.


Available from catalog browser or

Metacello new
    repository: 'github://Uko/GitHubcello';
    baseline: 'GitHubcello';