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VnaExporter for Pharo Build Status

Short description about VNA format can be found on Gephi website.


VnaExporter is available in Pharo 3 configuration browser.

You can also load it executing is a workspace:

Gofer it
  smalltalkhubUser: 'Pharo'
  project: 'MetaRepoForPharo30';
  configurationOf: 'VnaExporter';

How to use


First create a new instance of exporter: exporter := VnaExporter new.

To add nodes use:

exporter addNode: anObject.
exporter addNodes: aCollection.
exporter model: aCollection "overrides whole nodes set"

To add edges use:

exporter addEdge: aPair.
exporter addEdges: aCollectionOfPairs.
exporter edges: aCollectionOfPairs "overrides whole edges set"

There are also shortcuts for edges:

exporter connectAll "intializes all possible edges".
exporter connectAllNoLoops "intializes all possible edges except loops".
exporter connectAllUndirected "for any 2 nodes only one edge is initialised between them".
exporter connectAllUndirectedNoLoops "Same as previous but without loops"

###Data and properties

To define different properties we use blocks. They will be evaluated for each node to obtain required data.

Remember to initialise the idBlock, the default value is #yourself. Remember that specification says that ID has to be unique.

exporter idBlock: aBlock "block accepts 1 value"

To set a node data values use:

exporter nodeData: #dataName computeAs: aBlock

you can also remove them with:

exporter removeNodeData: #dataName

Each node property has the dedicated getter and setter. If there is no block set (i.e. value is set to nil) that property won't be exported (blocks accepts 1 value).

exporter xBlock: aBlock.
exporter yBlock: aBlock.
exporter sizeBlock: aBlock.

Edges data has a similar API as node data, but block have to accept 2 values.

exporter tieData: #dataName computeAs: aBlock.
exporter removeTieData: #dataName

To generate VNA from the exporter either print it on a stream or generate a string:

exporter printOn: aStream.
exporter printString