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Made in Ukraine Code style: black Linting

⚠️ This is the branch for the unreleased v6 release. If you want the v5 branch version, go here.

We are currently working on Ulauncher v6, which is a huge rewrite. Until then we're only supporting the existing functionality in v5. No new features or improvements.

We are not yet ready to make releases or pre-releases for Ulauncher 6, as the API is not yet set and further major changes may come.

Application Launcher for Linux 🐧

Ulauncher is a fast application launcher for Linux. It's written in Python using GTK+, and features: App Search (fuzzy matching), Calculator, Extensions, Shortcuts, File browser mode and Custom Color Themes

App Search File Browser Color Themes
screenshot screenshot screenshot

For more info or download links see

Run Ulauncher on startup

If your distribution uses Systemd and the packages includes ulauncher.service, then you can run ulauncher on startup by running:

systemctl --user enable --now ulauncher

If not, then you can open Ulauncher and enable "Launch at Login" in the preferences.


Please read our discussion page Troubleshooting - Quirks and workaround if you run into issues, and also check our outher discussions and issues if you still need help after this.

Code Contributions

Please see our Code Contributions documentation.

Project Contributor-friendly Issues
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Frontend for extensions website
Uses ReactJS
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API for extensions website
Uses Python and bottle library
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See the LICENSE file for license rights and limitations (GNU GPL v3.0).