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Code Contribution

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Project Contributor-friendly Issues
Ulauncher App GitHub issues by-label
GitHub issues by-label
GitHub issues by-label
GitHub issues by-label
Frontend for extensions website
Uses ReactJS
GitHub issues by-label
API for extensions website
Uses Python and bottle library
GitHub issues by-label

You can fix any existing bugs or implement features/improvements that are marked with contributor-friendly label.
If you want to implement a new feature that's not listed among Github issues, please create a new issue and get feedback from maintainers first.

Before starting hacking, read Python Code Style Guides.

OK. Now you need to

  1. Fork the repo
  2. Setup your development environment
  3. Branch out from dev
  4. Write code
  5. Test your code in as many distros as you can
  6. Write unit tests and check if all tests pass using ./ul test command
  7. Create a pull request and specify platform names and versions on which you have tested your code

For GTK-related issues you may want to check out Useful Resources for a Python GTK Developer.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in a Github issue.

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