Customizes A2billing customer screens by using twitter UI Front End API + Jquery
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A2billing Jquery UI interfaces - Customer interface

Custom UI templates using the Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 API + Jquery to enhance A2billing UI templates. I was looking for a clean design, reusable, liquid layout / table less, open source and easy to implement solution. For sure there are many other options/frameworks, but I dediced to give it a try to Twitter Bootstrap 2.0 + Jquery.
You will need to overwrite some files on your exiting A2Billing instance. Please notice that basically we add: -References to css and js -Css and js files it self. The important detail is that these files do not override at all the PHP code, so you will have exactly the same code plus a nicer UI interface. Check that new versions or A2billing are comming that will implement Twitter bootstrap.

For any question you can check or send me an email.