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Lottoritter is a gambling platform which supports multiple lotteries. On Lottoritter you can play real lotteries WITHOUT SPENDING ANY money. This project is written in Java and is using the JavaEE 8 standard technology stack (EE4J).

The running project can be found here:

The tech stack further includes MongoDB as backend storage with MongoDB-Morphia as Java Object Document Mapper. The frontend is based on JSF and JavaScript. The project is completely independent from any application server.


  1. Background
  2. Features
  3. License


Lottoritter was created by Ulrich Cech & Christopher Schmidt. The main intention was to show that you can create something really big with just a few tools and frameworks. So we decided to implement a fully featured gambling platform. See some features below.


  • supporting "6 aus 49", "Keno", "Glücksspirale", "EuroJackpot" lotteries
  • real purchase feeling (shoppingcart) including e-Mail notifications
  • registration/activation/forget password/login (OAuth and Remember-me)
  • profile for each player where you can see your active games etc.
  • sum of money you spent
  • show the hit numbers in the ticket-history
  • automatic drawing crawler
  • multi language support (i18n)
  • social authentication (G+, Facebook, Instagram)


This project is licensed under the GPLv3 License - see the LICENSE file for details.

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