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An Atom Editor plugin to toggle block comments, inspired by Sublime Text.
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Sublime Block Comments for Atom

An Atom Editor plugin for toggling block comments, inspired by Sublime Text.


apm install sublime-block-comment

Or look for sublime-block-comment in your Atom settings' Install tab. 😃


  • Select code and hit the keybinding to place a block comment around it.
  • Place the cursor anywhere inside a block comment and hit the keybinding to uncomment it.
  • Hit the keybinding with an empty selection to create an empty block comment, ready to type.
  • Optionally pad the selection with whitespace when commenting (you can enable this in the package settings).
  • Supports multiple cursors.


  • Ctrl-? (Ctrl-Shift-; for ABNT2 keyboards on Windows/Linux): Toggle block comments.


Contributions are very welcome!

Please report any issue you find, and feel free to send pull requests to add support for more languages. 😃

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