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c8e663e Apr 28, 2016
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1.0.0 The Promised Hashing

Breaking changes

  • The config method has been removed, you can now pass a configuration options object in the bust() call. See the docs for details.
  • Removed the undocumented experimental mode option, use the new transform option instead.
  • Removed the undocumented hashes method.

Patch releases

  • 1.0.1: Fixed a bug in the crypto hashing logic that would give wrong hash results sometimes, mainly when hashing binary files. Also added official support for Node.js versions 0.12, 4, 5 and 6! (in addition to version 0.10 which was already supported)
  • 1.0.2: Updated dependencies and cleaned up the code style.

New features

  • Configuration options: added new formatter and transform options, added support for algo as a function and negative length. See the docs for details.
  • All of the configuration options which accept a function can be run asynchronously by returning a promise.
  • Added type validation for configuration options.

0.2.0 Multidimensional Configurable Hashing Abyss

  • fileName parameter is now optional and defaults to busters.json.
  • Allow multiple different output files in the same script (hashes are grouped by output filename).
  • Added .config() method to allow customizing the hashing algorithm, hash length and default output filename.

Patch releases

  • 0.2.1: Readme: Fixed miscellaneous typos, including config sample.
  • 0.2.2: Fixed crash when piping an empty buffer stream into gulp-buster. Many documentation improvements: added cache busting explanation, improved syntax and architecture documentation, added 3rd-party implementations listing and contributing guide.

0.1.0 Bustering Gulpness

  • Initial release.
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