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[WIP] Ulterius™ server where all the magic happens 🚀 :feelsgood:
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Codeusa Stability patch, fixes broken GPU detection code, updates the websock…
…et framework to be real-time, removes crappy agent spawning system, removes IPC, fixes HTTP server traversal,
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Ulterius: Easy Remote Management

Interested in sublicensing?

Want to use our code in your stack or rebrand it for internal use? Reach out to us at

Join the chat at Ulterius is a tool that allows unfettered access to a Windows system via a remote web interface. This program allows you to start and kill processes, monitor system performance, manage your files, and much more, all from your web browser.

This repo is the server-side component. For the frontend, see Ulterius/client, or Ulterius for everything related to this project.


  • Fully-featured remote desktop
  • PowerShell and Command Prompt access
  • File browser and transfer
  • Camera and microphone control
  • Performance monitor
  • Easy-to-use interface

Installation and use:

Download from


Ulterius currently (kinda) supports the plugins, data cannot be returned and they run in a sandbox.


Visual Studio 2015 is required to build the server. Alternatively you can use MSBUILD and the Windows SDK.


MPL 2.0