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Joey de l'Arago edited this page Feb 17, 2023 · 16 revisions

Welcome to the Cura wiki!

This wiki is intended to be used by contributors to the open source project Cura. It also contains information relating to various Cura dependencies such as CuraEngine, Uranium, libArcus, and libCharon.

This wiki is not a user manual for end users. That information can be found on the UltiMaker website.

Engine specific details can be found in The Wiki of CuraEngine.

UltiMaker bears the responsibility of maintaining Cura. UltiMaker's objective with Cura is to support their own printers, as well as providing a platform for the entire 3D printing industry to work on. UltiMaker will maintain support for its own printers, and do its best not to break other printer support, but ultimately the support for other printers has to be maintained by people that own and use those printers. To support those printers, and also to manage a platform as large as Cura is, UltiMaker works together with its community. These are a few specific people that bear special mention.

Issue triaging

To help with the volume of incoming issues, UltiMaker has appointed a few prominent members of the community with special powers to triage incoming issues. These people are trusted members of the community, generally knowledgeable in Cura and well-acquainted with the way we work. Current triaging collaborators are: