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A library for microcontroller toolhead control, heater feedback loops and temperature sensors.

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Toolhead Lib

A small C89 (with GNU extensions) library for thermistors, thermocouples, pid heater control, solenoid control and cnc 

Toolhead Lib is designed for small microcontrollers. We currently only support Arduino however 
the library was designed with the intention of portability. See 'Porting Toolhead Lib' for 
details on how to bring Toolhead Lib to your architecture.

Porting Toolhead Lib
Toolhead Lib is designed to be portable.

To port Toolhead Lib provide the same methods as hardware/arduino_toolhead.h with implementations
specific to your architecture. Remember to encapsulate it in a #ifdef so that it does not 
accidentally get included in other architecture's binaries.


- API Docs
- more uniform API across heater/solenoid/temperature_sensor/toolhead
- better toolhead shutdown (temperature_sensor shutdown and solenoid shutdown)
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