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This blocklist contains the same data as the ZeuS domain blocklist (BadDomains) but with the slight difference that it doesn't exclude hijacked websites (level 2). This means that this blocklist contains all domain names associated with ZeuS C&Cs which are currently being tracked by ZeuS Tracker. Hence this blocklist will likely cause some false positives.

About Ultimate-Hosts-Blacklist

Ultimate-Hosts-Blacklist serve a place to test and keep a track on each input sources that are present into Ultimate Hosts Blacklist.

As Ultimate Hosts Blacklist grew up it became impossible to test the whole repository, as it takes weeks to finish. That's why we use the GitHub organization system in order to create different repository for each list that are present into Ultimate Hosts Blacklist.

About PyFunceble

PyFunceble like Funceble is A tool to check domains or IP availability by returning 3 possible status: ACTIVE, INACTIVE or INVALID.

It also has been described by one of its most active user as:

[An] excellent script for checking ACTIVE, INACTIVE and EXPIRED domain names.

If you need further informations about PyFunceble or Funceble please report to our Wiki page and/or if you don't find any answer feel free to create an issue into one of the Dead Hosts's or Py-Funceble's repositories.

About the status returned by PyFunceble

For an up to date version of this part please report to the Status section of our Wiki.


This status is returned when one of the following cases is met:

  • We can extract the expiration date from Lookup().whois().

    • Please note that we don't check if the date is in the past.
  • Lookup().nslookup() don't return server can't find NXDOMAIN.

  • HTTOCode().get() return one the following code [100, 101, 200, 201, 202, 203, 204, 205, 206].


This status is returned when all the following cases are met:

  • We can't extract the expiration date from Lookup().whois().
  • Lookup().nslookup() return server can't find NXDOMAIN.


This status is returned when the following case is met:

  • Domain extension has an invalid format or is unregistered in IANA Root Zone Database.

    • Understand by this that the extension is not present into the iana-domains-db.json file.
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