Dev Release 4.1(01)

@LaBlazer LaBlazer released this Sep 28, 2015 · 44 commits to CSharp since this release

Added manual area selection
Changed forms to singletons
About window
Voice warning
Embedded DLLs
Fixed volume comparing
Check delay 500ms --> 100ms
Lot of other small fixes


@UltimateFishbot UltimateFishbot released this Feb 1, 2015

Merge pull request #45 from datagutten/CSharp

Fixed wrong keys for audio device texts


@UltimateFishbot UltimateFishbot released this Jan 23, 2015

Fixed button text and state logic

By convention the start button will now turn into a pause button when
you start. When you pause, the start button will be the resume button.
The stop button will always be a stop button. For your convenience the
stop button is now deactivated when the bot is stopped, and the settings
button is deactivated while the bot is running. Pausing or stopping the
bot will enable the settings button.


@UltimateFishbot UltimateFishbot released this Jan 20, 2015

Merge branch 'CSharp' of…



@UltimateFishbot UltimateFishbot released this Jan 17, 2015

Removing ads & adding functionality to warn users of bans.


@Mograine Mograine released this Jan 14, 2015

Merge branch 'CSharp' of…

…ishbot into CSharp