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Awesome Phalcon

Awesome Build Status

A curated list of awesome Phalcon libraries and resources. Inspired by awesome-go.


Please take a quick gander at the contribution guidelines first. Thanks to all contributors; you rock!

Join us on Discord to chat with other awesome-phalcon maintainers!



Access control list.

Application Skeleton

Various application skeletons.

  • Album O'Rama - Sample modular application for the Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Base App - The base application in Phalcon PHP Framework
  • INVO Application - Sample application for the Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Lightning - Lightning is a high performance framework with elegant syntax that sits on top of Phalcon.
  • MVC - Examples of Phalcon MVC file structures
  • nest - Phalcon SOLID Bootstrap for Rapid Application Development
  • phalanx - A starter app with Phalcon PHP Framework and Angular
  • Phalcon Boilerplate - Template for building large-scale Phalcon Applications
  • Phalcon Framework App - A project currently using Phalcon PHP Framework and Gumby 2 for RAD
  • Phalcon HMVC Skeleton - Phalcon HMVC Skeleton with Mustache
  • Phalcon Jumpstart - Fast development web apps with CRUD code generator
  • Phalcon Module Skeleton - Application template for building beauty applications on Phalcon PHP Framework
  • phalcon.angular.bootstrap - Boilerplate for a non single page implementation of Angular, Phalcon, and Bootstrap
  • PhalconPHP-Setup-Example - Phalcon PHP Framework + Grunt + Composer + Bower
  • Solid Layer - A framework/large wrapper built under Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Vökuró - Sample application for Phalcon PHP Framework (Acl, Auth, Security)
  • Webird - Webird was created to merge the latest PHP and Node.js innovations into a single application stack
  • phalconMvc - a simple Phalcon skeleton with sub controller,cli,mvc +service

Authentication & OAuth

Libraries for implementing authentications schemes.

CMS & Blogs

Content management systems & blogs.

Command Line

Command line applications & tools.

  • phalcon-console - Sample bootstraping application for command line applications using the outstanding Phalcon PHP Framework
  • phalcon-cron - Cron component for Phalcon
  • phalcon_cron - Cron manager library based on Phalcon PHP Framework
  • php-cli-app-phalcon - Command Line Application built using Phalcon PHP Framework


Admin Panels & Dashboards.

  • dasshy - Statistics dashboard with Mongo/Phalcon


Debug & profiling tools.

  • dd - This package will add the dd and dump helpers to your Phalcon application
  • PDW - Frontend Debugger for Phalcon Applications
  • Phalcon Console - AJAX console to execute PHP code in the browser with light, the ability to save the last code execution
  • Phalcon Debugbar - Integrates PHP Debug Bar with Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Phalcon Whoops - Integrating Whoops with Phalcon
  • Prophiler - PHP Profiler & Developer Toolbar (built for Phalcon)


Dependency Injection.


Libraries for doc generate & management.

  • kolibri - A Phalcon based wiki software with simplicity in mind
  • phaldoc - Create, translate and control changes in documentation for Phalcon & others projects


Event management.

  • Phact - A Simple Event Propagation with Phalcon PHP Framework


Libraries for working with forms.


List of i18n and l10n libraries and services.


Integration with third party services


Mail services.


Libraries for manipulating images & other media.

  • nova - A media manager project in PHP and Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Phalcon File Uploader - Handling and downloading files for Phalcon projects. Allowed multiple files, filters etc


These libraries were placed here because none of the other categories seemed to fit

  • Breadcrumbs - Powerful and flexible component for building site breadcrumbs in Phalcon 2+.
  • Feedback - Is intended to be used as a replacement for Phalcon's built-in Flash and Message functionality
  • Incubator - Repository to publish/share/experiment with new adapters, prototypes or functionality that can potentially be incorporated into the Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Phalcon Enterprise - Provides extended enterprise functionality for the Phalcon PHP framework
  • phalcon-recaptcha - Minimalist wrapper with which you can easily integrate reCAPTCHA
  • phalcon-widget - Widgets for Phalcon apps
  • PhalconBlacklist - PHP IP/CIDR Blacklist Library Built With Phalcon + MySQL
  • PhalconPoll - Simple PHP Poll Service Built With Phalcon PHP Framework + MySQL + Redis
  • Phalcony - Library for expansion the base functional of Phalcon PHP Framework
  • yarak - Laravel inspired Phalcon devtools


Libraries for working with various layers of the network


Libraries that implement Object-Relational Mapping or datamapping techniques.


Representational state transfer.


Various routing libraries & extensions.

  • Phalcon-autorouter - Simple way to auto load modules without complicate definition of routes


Various scaffolding tools.

  • generator-phalcon - Yeoman generator for Phalcon Multi-Module Applications
  • phalcon-bootstrap - Bootstrap component for a quick start developing applications on Phalcon PHP Framework


Searching tools & libraries.


Shopping carts and online store services.

  • phalcon_cart - Complete cart system for Phalcon PHP Framework
  • phasty - Shopping Cart on Phalcon PHP Framework
  • Cashier - Phalcon cashier
  • Yona E-commerce - E-commerce CMF based on Phalcon PHP Framework


SMS services & libraries.


Conferences, Chats, Forums, etc..

  • phalcon-chat - Sample classic chat development using Phalcon PHP Framework
  • phalcon-tip - The source for code Phalcon Tip website
  • phanbook - The source for code website
  • Phosphorum - The source for official Phalcon Forum


Libraries and tools for templating.


Testing tools and solutions.

  • phalcon-demo - A modified Phalcon INVO Application to demonstrate basics of Codeception testing.


ORM and Forms validators.

Web Tools

Web tools & libraries.

Server Applications

  • ansible-phalcon-role - Ansible Role to install Phalcon PHP Framework in Debian/Ubuntu
  • ansible-phalcon - Ansible Role to install Phalcon PHP Framework in Debian (provides PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 packages)
  • Maker - The project that build the Phalcon Box development environment
  • packagecloud - Phalcon distribution hosted on PackageCloud
  • perfect-php-vagrant - Web development Vagrant machine with PHP + Phalcon/Lynx/Zephir, Nginx, Node+Bower/Gulp/Grunt
  • Phalcon Box - Phalcon Box is an official, pre-packaged Vagrant box that provides you a wonderful development environment
  • phalcon-ci-installer - Composer integration for PHP applications to install the Phalcon framework as an extension in the PHP runtime for various hosted CI services
  • phalcon-compose - Open-source and community-driven boilerplate for Phalcon projects that run on Docker
  • phalcon-docker-nginx - Phalcon 3, PHP7, Docker sample starter application
  • phalcon-vm - Vagrant configuration for Phalcon 3.x and PHP7.0 development + MySQL/PostgreSQL/MongoDB, Redis/Memcached, Gearman/RabbitMQ, Elasticsearch/Sphinxsearch on your choice
  • phalcon3-compose - Docker Phalcon 3 development environment
  • phalcon-vagrant-dev - Environment for contribute all projects of Phalcon / Zephir


Where to discover new Phalcon libraries.


Conferences, IRC, Forums, etc..






A curated list of awesome Phalcon libraries and resources







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