UltraCart REST API V2 SDK for Java
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Building the API client library requires Maven to be installed.


To install the API client library to your local Maven repository, simply execute:

mvn install

To deploy it to a remote Maven repository instead, configure the settings of the repository and execute:

mvn deploy

Refer to the official documentation for more information.

Maven users

Add this dependency to your project's POM:


Gradle users

Add this dependency to your project's build file:

compile "com.ultracart:rest-sdk:1.0.4"


At first generate the JAR by executing:

mvn package

Then manually install the following JARs:

  • target/rest-sdk-1.0.4.jar
  • target/lib/*.jar

Getting Started

Please follow the installation instruction and execute the following Java code:

import com.ultracart.admin.v2.FulfillmentApi;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.models.Order;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.models.OrdersResponse;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.swagger.ApiClient;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.swagger.ApiException;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.swagger.Configuration;
import com.ultracart.admin.v2.swagger.auth.ApiKeyAuth;

import java.util.List;

public class FulfillmentSample {

  private static final String API_KEY = "4256aaf6dfedfa01582fe9a961ab0100216d737b874a4801582fe9a961ab0100";

  private static void initClient(){
    ApiClient defaultClient = Configuration.getDefaultApiClient();

    ApiKeyAuth ultraCartSimpleApiKey = (ApiKeyAuth) defaultClient.getAuthentication("ultraCartSimpleApiKey");

    defaultClient.addDefaultHeader("X-UltraCart-Api-Version", "2017-03-01");


  public static void main(String ... args) {

    FulfillmentApi api = new FulfillmentApi();
    String distributionCenterCode = "DFLT";

    try {
      OrdersResponse ordersResponse = api.getDistributionCenterOrders(distributionCenterCode);
      List<Order> orders = ordersResponse.getOrders();
      System.out.println("There are " + orders.size() + " in distribution center [" + distributionCenterCode + "]");
      for (Order order : orders) {

    } catch (ApiException e) {
        System.err.println("Exception when calling FulfillmentApi#getDistributionCenterOrders");

Documentation for API Endpoints

All URIs are relative to https://secure.ultracart.com/rest/v2

Class Method HTTP request Description
AffiliateApi getClicksByQuery POST /affiliate/clicks/query Retrieve clicks
AffiliateApi getLedgersByQuery POST /affiliate/ledgers/query Retrieve ledger entries
AutoOrderApi getAutoOrder GET /auto_order/auto_orders/{auto_order_oid} Retrieve an auto order
AutoOrderApi getAutoOrderByCode GET /auto_order/auto_orders/code/{auto_order_code} Retrieve an auto order
AutoOrderApi getAutoOrderByReferenceOrderId GET /auto_order/auto_orders/reference_order_id/{reference_order_id} Retrieve an auto order
AutoOrderApi getAutoOrders GET /auto_order/auto_orders Retrieve auto orders
AutoOrderApi updateAutoOrder PUT /auto_order/auto_orders/{auto_order_oid} Update an auto order
ChargebackApi deleteChargeback DELETE /chargeback/chargebacks/{chargeback_dispute_oid} Delete a chargeback
ChargebackApi getChargebackDispute GET /chargeback/chargebacks/{chargeback_dispute_oid} Retrieve a chargeback
ChargebackApi getChargebackDisputes GET /chargeback/chargebacks Retrieve chargebacks
ChargebackApi insertChargeback POST /chargeback/chargebacks Insert a chargeback
ChargebackApi updateChargeback PUT /chargeback/chargebacks/{chargeback_dispute_oid} Update a chargeback
CheckoutApi cityState POST /checkout/city_state City/State for Zip
CheckoutApi finalizeOrder POST /checkout/cart/finalizeOrder Finalize Order
CheckoutApi getCart GET /checkout/cart Get cart
CheckoutApi getCartByCartId GET /checkout/cart/{cart_id} Get cart (by cart id)
CheckoutApi getCartByReturnCode GET /checkout/return/{return_code} Get cart (by return code)
CheckoutApi handoffCart POST /checkout/cart/handoff Handoff cart
CheckoutApi login POST /checkout/cart/profile/login Profile login
CheckoutApi logout POST /checkout/cart/profile/logout Profile logout
CheckoutApi register POST /checkout/cart/profile/register Profile registration
CheckoutApi relatedItemsForCart POST /checkout/related_items Related items
CheckoutApi relatedItemsForItem POST /checkout/relatedItems/{item_id} Related items (specific item)
CheckoutApi setupBrowserKey PUT /checkout/browser_key Setup Browser Application
CheckoutApi updateCart PUT /checkout/cart Update cart
CheckoutApi validateCart POST /checkout/cart/validate Validate
CouponApi deleteCoupon DELETE /coupon/coupons/{coupon_oid} Delete a coupon
CouponApi generateCouponCodes POST /coupon/coupons/{coupon_oid}/generate_codes Generates one time codes for a coupon
CouponApi generateOneTimeCodesByMerchantCode POST /coupon/coupons/merchant_code/{merchant_code}/generate_codes Generates one time codes by merchant code
CouponApi getCoupon GET /coupon/coupons/{coupon_oid} Retrieve a coupon
CouponApi getCouponByMerchantCode GET /coupon/coupons/merchant_code/{merchant_code} Retrieve a coupon by merchant code
CouponApi getCoupons GET /coupon/coupons Retrieve coupons
CouponApi getCouponsByQuery GET /coupon/coupons/query Retrieve coupons by query
CouponApi getEditorValues GET /coupon/editor_values Retrieve values needed for a coupon editor
CouponApi insertCoupon POST /coupon/coupons Insert a coupon
CouponApi updateCoupon PUT /coupon/coupons/{coupon_oid} Update a coupon
CustomerApi deleteCustomer DELETE /customer/customers/{customer_profile_oid} Delete a customer
CustomerApi getCustomer GET /customer/customers/{customer_profile_oid} Retrieve a customer
CustomerApi getCustomers GET /customer/customers Retrieve customers
CustomerApi getCustomersByQuery GET /customer/customers/query Retrieve customers by query
CustomerApi getEditorValues GET /customer/editor_values Retrieve values needed for a customer profile editor
CustomerApi insertCustomer POST /customer/customers Insert a customer
CustomerApi updateCustomer PUT /customer/customers/{customer_profile_oid} Update a customer
FulfillmentApi acknowledgeOrders PUT /fulfillment/distribution_centers/{distribution_center_code}/acknowledgements Acknowledge receipt of orders.
FulfillmentApi getDistributionCenterOrders GET /fulfillment/distribution_centers/{distribution_center_code}/orders Retrieve orders queued up for this distribution center.
FulfillmentApi getDistributionCenters GET /fulfillment/distribution_centers Retrieve distribution centers
FulfillmentApi shipOrders POST /fulfillment/distribution_centers/{distribution_center_code}/shipments Mark orders as shipped
FulfillmentApi updateInventory POST /fulfillment/distribution_centers/{distribution_center_code}/inventory Update inventory
ItemApi deleteItem DELETE /item/items/{merchant_item_oid} Delete an item
ItemApi getItem GET /item/items/{merchant_item_oid} Retrieve an item
ItemApi getItemByMerchantItemId GET /item/items/merchant_item_id/{merchant_item_id} Retrieve an item by item id
ItemApi getItems GET /item/items Retrieve items
ItemApi insertItem POST /item/items Create an item
ItemApi updateItem PUT /item/items/{merchant_item_oid} Update an item
ItemApi updateItems PUT /item/items/batch Update multiple items
ItemApi uploadTemporaryMultimedia POST /item/temp_multimedia Upload an image to the temporary multimedia.
OauthApi oauthAccessToken POST /oauth/token Exchange authorization code for access token.
OauthApi oauthRevoke POST /oauth/revoke Revoke this OAuth application.
OrderApi cancelOrder POST /order/orders/{order_id}/cancel Cancel an order
OrderApi deleteOrder DELETE /order/orders/{order_id} Delete an order
OrderApi getOrder GET /order/orders/{order_id} Retrieve an order
OrderApi getOrders GET /order/orders Retrieve orders
OrderApi getOrdersByQuery POST /order/orders/query Retrieve orders
OrderApi refundOrder PUT /order/orders/{order_id}/refund Refund an order
OrderApi resendReceipt POST /order/orders/{order_id}/resend_receipt Resend receipt
OrderApi resendShipmentConfirmation POST /order/orders/{order_id}/resend_shipment_confirmation Resend shipment confirmation
OrderApi updateOrder PUT /order/orders/{order_id} Update an order
WebhookApi deleteWebhook DELETE /webhook/webhooks/{webhookOid} Delete a webhook
WebhookApi getWebhookLog GET /webhook/webhooks/{webhookOid}/logs/{requestId} Retrieve an individual log
WebhookApi getWebhookLogSummaries GET /webhook/webhooks/{webhookOid}/logs Retrieve the log summaries
WebhookApi getWebhooks GET /webhook/webhooks Retrieve webhooks
WebhookApi insertWebhook POST /webhook/webhooks Add a webhook
WebhookApi resendEvent POST /webhook/webhooks/{webhookOid}/reflow/{eventName} Resend events to the webhook endpoint.
WebhookApi updateWebhook PUT /webhook/webhooks/{webhookOid} Update a webhook

Documentation for Models

Documentation for Authorization

Authentication schemes defined for the API:


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: x-ultracart-browser-key
  • Location: HTTP header


  • Type: OAuth
  • Flow: accessCode
  • Authorization URL: https://secure.ultracart.com/rest/v2/oauth/authorize
  • Scopes:
    • affiliate_read: Allows you to read affiliate information.
    • affiliate_write: Allows you to write affiliate information.
    • auto_order_read: Allows you to read auto order information.
    • auto_order_write: Allows you to write auto order information.
    • chargeback_read: Allows you to read chargeback information.
    • chargeback_write: Allows you to write chargeback information.
    • checkout_read: Allows you to read checkout information.
    • checkout_write: Allows you to write checkout information.
    • coupon_read: Allows you to read coupon information.
    • coupon_write: Allows you to write coupon information.
    • customer_read: Allows you to read customer information.
    • customer_write: Allows you to write customer information.
    • fulfillment_read: Allows you to read fulfillment information.
    • fulfillment_write: Allows you to write fulfillment information.
    • order_read: Allows you to read order information.
    • order_write: Allows you to write order information.
    • item_read: Allows you to read item information.
    • item_write: Allows you to write item information.
    • webhook_read: Allows you to read webhook information.
    • webhook_write: Allows you to write webhook information.
    • ultrabooks_read: 1 of 2 required to use UltraBooks
    • ultrabooks_write: 2 of 2 required to use UltraBooks


  • Type: API key
  • API key parameter name: x-ultracart-simple-key
  • Location: HTTP header


It's recommended to create an instance of ApiClient per thread in a multithreaded environment to avoid any potential issues.