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Successor of Undetected-Chromedriver. Providing a blazing fast framework for web automation, webscraping, bots and any other creative ideas which are normally hindered by annoying anti bot systems like Captcha / CloudFlare / Imperva / hCaptcha


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This package provides next level webscraping and browser automation using a relatively simple interface.

  • This is the official successor of the Undetected-Chromedriver python package.
  • No more webdriver, no more selenium

Direct communication provides even better resistance against web applicatinon firewalls (WAF’s), while performance gets a massive boost. This module is, contrary to undetected-chromedriver, fully asynchronous.

What makes this package different from other known packages, is the optimization to stay undetected for most anti-bot solutions.

Another focus point is usability and quick prototyping, so expect a lot to work -as is- , with most method parameters having best practice defaults. Using 1 or 2 lines, this is up and running, providing best practice config by default.

While usability and convenience is important. It’s also easy to fully customizable everything using the entire array of CDP domains, methods and events available.

Some features

  • A blazing fast undetected chrome (-ish) automation library
  • No chromedriver binary or Selenium dependency
  • This equals bizarre performance increase and less detections!
  • Up and running in 1 line of code*
  • uses fresh profile on each run, cleans up on exit
  • save and load cookies to file to not repeat tedious login steps
  • smart element lookup, by selector or text, including iframe content. this could also be used as wait condition for a element to appear, since it will retry for the duration of until found. single element lookup by text using tab.find(), accepts a best_match flag, which will not naively return the first match, but will match candidates by closest matching text length.
  • descriptive __repr__ for elements, which represent the element as html
  • utility function to convert a running undetected_chromedriver.Chrome instance to a nodriver.Browser instance and contintue from there
  • packed with helpers and utility methods for most used and important operations


Since it’s a part of undetected-chromedriver, installation goes via

pip install undetected-chromedriver

In case you don’t want undetected-chromedriver, this package can be installed using

pip install nodriver

usage example

The aim of this project (just like undetected-chromedriver, somewhere long ago) is to keep it short and simple, so you can quickly open an editor or interactive session, type or paste a few lines and off you go.

import asyncio
import nodriver as uc

async def main():
    browser = await uc.start()
    page = await browser.get('')

    await page.save_screenshot()
    await page.get_content()
    await page.scroll_down(150)
    elems = await page.select_all('*[src]')
    for elem in elems:
        await elem.flash()

    page2 = await browser.get('', new_tab=True)
    page3 = await browser.get('', new_window=True)

    for p in (page, page2, page3):
       await p.bring_to_front()
       await p.scroll_down(200)
       await p   # wait for events to be processed
       await p.reload()
       if p != page3:
           await p.close()

if __name__ == '__main__':

    # since never worked (for me)

A more concrete example, which can be found in the ./example/ folder, shows a script to create a twitter account

import random
import string
import logging


import nodriver as uc

months = [

async def main():
    driver = await uc.start()

    tab = await driver.get("")

    # wait for text to appear instead of a static number of seconds to wait
    # this does not always work as expected, due to speed.
    print('finding the "create account" button')
    create_account = await tab.find("create account", best_match=True)

    print('"create account" => click')

    print("finding the email input field")
    email = await"input[type=email]")

    # sometimes, email field is not shown, because phone is being asked instead
    # when this occurs, find the small text which says "use email instead"
    if not email:
        use_mail_instead = await tab.find("use email instead")
        # and click it

        # now find the email field again
        email = await"input[type=email]")

    randstr = lambda k: "".join(random.choices(string.ascii_letters, k=k))

    # send keys to email field
    print('filling in the "email" input field')
    await email.send_keys("".join([randstr(8), "@", randstr(8), ".com"]))

    # find the name input field
    print("finding the name input field")
    name = await"input[type=text]")

    # again, send random text
    print('filling in the "name" input field')
    await name.send_keys(randstr(8))

    # since there are 3 select fields on the tab, we can use unpacking
    # to assign each field
    print('finding the "month" , "day" and "year" fields in 1 go')
    sel_month, sel_day, sel_year = await tab.select_all("select")

    # await sel_month.focus()
    print('filling in the "month" input field')
    await sel_month.send_keys(months[random.randint(0, 11)].title())

    # await sel_day.focus()
    # i don't want to bother with month-lengths and leap years
    print('filling in the "day" input field')
    await sel_day.send_keys(str(random.randint(0, 28)))

    # await sel_year.focus()
    # i don't want to bother with age restrictions
    print('filling in the "year" input field')
    await sel_year.send_keys(str(random.randint(1980, 2005)))

    await tab

    # let's handle the cookie nag as well
    cookie_bar_accept = await tab.find("accept all", best_match=True)
    if cookie_bar_accept:

    await tab.sleep(1)

    next_btn = await tab.find(text="next", best_match=True)
    # for btn in reversed(next_btns):
    await next_btn.mouse_click()

    print("sleeping 2 seconds")
    await tab.sleep(2)  # visually see what part we're actually in

    print('finding "next" button')
    next_btn = await tab.find(text="next", best_match=True)
    print('clicking "next" button')
    await next_btn.mouse_click()

    # just wait for some button, before we continue

    print('finding "sign up"  button')
    sign_up_btn = await tab.find("Sign up", best_match=True)
    # we need the second one
    print('clicking "sign up"  button')

    print('the rest of the "implementation" is out of scope')
    # further implementation outside of scope
    await tab.sleep(10)

    # verification code per mail

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # since never worked (for me)
    # i use


Successor of Undetected-Chromedriver. Providing a blazing fast framework for web automation, webscraping, bots and any other creative ideas which are normally hindered by annoying anti bot systems like Captcha / CloudFlare / Imperva / hCaptcha







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