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Documented by Meo Mespotine ( for the
For some time now, it is possible to use Cocko's own screen-recording tool "LiceCap" directly from Reaper(
Run the action: 41298 - "Run LICEcap (animated screen capture utility)", which will open a dialog window, where you can select the LiceCap-app from.
The next time you run this action, LiceCap will be started right away.
The path to the licecap-app is stored in the reaper.ini: [REAPER] -> licecap_path, like
This path can be relative, so you can copy the LiceCap-folder into your Reaper-App-Folder, when using a portable installation.
That way, you can take LiceCap anywhere, where you take your Reaper with you.
LiceCap stores it's preferences-values into LiceCap.ini, that can be located in the same folder as the app itself.
The following settings are stored into the LiceCap.ini.
lastfn=C:\Program Files (x86)\LICEcap\z.gif
last used filename
wnd_r=0 1 1133 703
position of the capture-frame: x_left y_top x_right y_bottom in pixels
negative values are allowed, so positioning of the LiceCap-window outside the top and left border of the viewport is possible
default is: 0 0 835 571
x_right and y_bottom must be bigger than x_left and y_top, or LiceCap uses it's default values
x_right and y_bottom can't be bigger more than a few pixels behind the border
max frames per second, minimum value is 1
maximum value is 2147483647
negative values produce weird fps-values within the LiceCap-App
prefs=x - bitmask
&1 - display in animation: title frame - checkbox
&2 - Big font - checkbox
&4 - display in animation: mouse button press - checkbox
&8 - display in animation: elapsed time - checkbox
&16 - Ctrl+Alt+P pauses recording - checkbox
&32 - Use .GIF transparency for smaller files - checkbox
&64 - Automatically stop after xx seconds - checkbox
show titlecard-length in milliseconds
negative values are allowed, though useless
maximum is 1410065400, though 2147483600 seems to be settable
.GIF repeat count (0=infinite)
negative values are allowed, though useless
0 is minimum value, 2147483647 is maximum value, higher than that makes it negative
automatically stop after xx seconds, in milliseconds
negative values are allowed, though useless
2147483600 is maximum value
text for the title-card, newlines will be ignored, after reload!
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