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This plugin allows integration with the Domainr API.

Commands and permissions

  • domainrsearch <query>
    • Description: Get domain suggestions for the given query.
    • Aliases: domainr, domains
    • Permissions:
      • - Main permission node, output to user
      • - Output to channel
  • domainrinfo <domain>
    • Description: Get information about the given domain.
    • Aliases: domaininfo, domain
    • Permissions:
      • - Main permission node, output to user
      • - Output to channel


Commands will send their results to the user by default, unless they have the appropriate "loud" node.

This plugin also makes use of the protocol's can_flood attribute to display the output in a nicer format if possible.

API keys and Client IDs

Domainr has two ways to authenticate to their API: an API key or a client_id. You must have one of these otherwise the plugin will fail to work. You can get an API key from mashape. As this requires providing payment details, we recommend you set a limit on charges in your mashape dashboard.

If you are unable to or do not want to sign up to mashape, the awesome folk at Domainr have also kindly offered[1][2] to provide client IDs to us for personal use (i.e. stay within the mashape free tier quota). Send an email to asking for one, and don't forget to mention that you'll be using it with Ultros!


  • Sean Gordon