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Code Health

This is the code for the new version of our site at

This project uses the Ace editor in the admin interface. The license for Ace can be found in LICENSE_ACE.

Setting up

  1. Fill out your config.yml based on config.example.yml
    • Ensure the database you gave above exists
  2. Run python3 run-migrations
  3. Install and set up Celery
    • You can give ultros_site.tasks.__main__:app for the Celery app
  4. Set up your WSGI server of choice; the app is
  5. On your webserver, make sure you serve /static directly instead of proxying it to the WSGI app

Running migrations

Simply run python3 run-migrations again to make sure your database is up to date after every pull.

Developers: Modifying the database

If you're going to change the database, do the following:

  1. Before you edit or create a schema, ensure you run python3 run-migrations so that you're up-to-date
    • This is important as Alembic uses the current state of the database to generate migrations
  2. Go ahead and make your edits
  3. Run python3 create-migrations "Summary of the migrations"
  4. Run python3 run-migrations to update your local database with the migration you just created

Advanced Alembic usage

If you need to run Alembic manually, please ensure that you set your PYTHONPATH variable to . (or add . to it), otherwise the Alembic environment will not be able to import the database metadata and will fail to load.

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