Auto StrongName Remover - a simple tool to remove assemblies' strong name.
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Auto StrongName Remover/Resigner

这个StrongName Removing呢,我们就有几年用StrongNameRemove,旁边一个StrongName Killer。最痛苦的,就是相关程序集甚至是BAML把这个强签名的引用到里面,去签名的时候一下子就……然后就是用刀片刮也不行了,这个就是签名是最痛苦的,而且这个效率efficiency……

A simple tool to remove/resign assemblies' strong name (public key & public key token) automatically.

It not only removes the strong name information in the target assembly (AssemblyDef), but also tracks and removes tokens for all relevant assemblies (AssemblyRef), BAMLs (AssemblyInfo), and CustomAttributes (Currently support InternalsVisibleToAttribute). By this way, the target StrongName is completely removed from all assemblies (maybe). Mixed assemblies are supported (thanks to dnlib).


asnr.exe <filename(main assembly)> [/r <.snk file path>]

ASNR uses dnlib (by 0xd4d , LICENSE: MIT) and ConfuserEx (by yck1509 , LICENSE: MIT)

by Ulysses ,