Short ID String Generation for Node.js
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Self-contained short-life ID generating module

Not guarenteed to be unique outside of a single instance of the module.


$ npm install short-id


var ids = require('short-id');

ids.generate();  // "aeaf15"
ids.generate();  // "1d0449"'foo');  // "8dbd46"
ids.fetch('8dbd46');  // 'foo'

ids.fetch('8dbd46');  // undefined

ids.generate ( void )

Generates a new ID string and returns it.

ids.invalidate ( String key )

Invalidates the given id key, removing any data stored with it and recycling it. ( mixed value )

Generates a new key and stores a value under that key.

ids.fetch ( String key )

Looks up a value stored under the given key.

ids.fetchAndInvalidate ( String key )

The equivilent of calling fetch and then invalidate. Returns the stored value.

ids.configure ( Object conf )

Changes configuration values.

// Call to configure shown with the default values
	length: 6,          // The length of the id strings to generate
	algorithm: 'sha1',  // The hashing algoritm to use in generating keys
	salt: Math.random   // A salt value or function