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MKS: USI Modular Kolonization Systems

Due to the great thread calamity of 2017, RoverDude has started a new MKS Thread.

This page reflects changes implemented in 0.50, but prior to 0.50.9. Some of the ratios may be off unless noted otherwise

Welcome to the wide and wonderful worlds of Umbra Space Industries' latest venture. A world leader in corrugated paper products, Umbra Space Industries is now applying their formidable boxing and packaging skills to their latest product - USI Kolonization Systems! UKS introduces a series of orbital and surface parts for habitation, resource exploitation, and construction. While the parts can be used purely for aesthetics, it is designed to provide a richer gameplay experience through the extension of existing mods, and/or enhancement of career mode. This mod is part of USI catalog of products, all of which support and build on each other.

You've made the right choice in coming here for information! This wiki will help you through each step of the mod, from Installation to optimizing that Eeloo research base! Before you dive in, it will be helpful to get an overview of what resources are available on the wiki from the following Table of Contents. Please Note: this wiki assumes that you are using USI-LS in conjunction with MKS. MKS has many parts that provide functions supported by USI-LS, and the two mods are designed to work well together. If you are NOT using USI-LS, then some sections will not apply to you (specifically, any section referring to Supplies, Fertilizer, or Mulch.)

This page serves as a source of information about the wiki itself and its organization. For details on the mod, please see individual pages. Because this is a community maintained documentation of USI Kolonization Systems, every bit of help is welcome. If you would like to join in the conversation, make a post on the MKS thread or join the Wiki modification thread. The status for this site update is being tracked on the Site Map page.


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