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These questions apply to releases after and including MKS 0.50

Where do I start?

Q: Wow, there's a lot here. Here do I start?

A: Read over the Kore Design page to get a feeling for the different design concepts you'll need to address. If you want to jump right in, look at the Example Stations and Bases and Example Craft Files pages. And don't forget to read the MKS thread. The members there are very good at answering questions, often before RoverDude even gets a chance to respond.

Inflating Ranger Modules

Q: I have Ranger module "x" attached to my base, but I don't see a way to inflate it.

A: See Parts (Ranger Series). Inflatable Ranger modules have to be opened by a Kerbal on EVA. They also require a specific amount of MaterialKits, ElectricCharge, and possibly SpecializedParts. The specific resources and amounts are shown in the VAB or SPH in the part description in the "USIAnimation" section.

Adding the MKS KSPedia

Q. I hear there is a way to see more about MKS in the KSPedia. How do I get that?

A. For now, drop the asset file anywhere in the Gamedata folder. It was included in 0.50.8 but installs incorrectly. It should be corrected in the next MKS release.

Resource Conversion Charts

Q. Is there a chart that shows the processes for converting resources?

A. The Resources page has the Resources Flowcharts which includes a graphical flow chart showing all conversions as well as a link to a slide show showing the individual conversion processes and parts that are involved.

For tables showing which resources are required to make another one, look at Functions (Manufacturing).

Changing Converters

Q. I see an option to change a converter for a module that says "B1 Cultivate(S)=>Cultivate(D)". What exactly does that mean?

A. Most ranger parts can only be one kind of a converter at a time. If you want to change from one kind of converter to another, you have to "re-tool" all of the machines inside. So, the part before the arrow ("=>") is showing what mode the part is currently in (in this example, a substrate-based cultivator) and part after the arrow shows what the next option is (in your example, a dirt-based cultivator). Clicking on the previous and next B1 buttons will change the second part based on the available options. When you have the desired new second part, click the first button. Note that in the VAB/SPH, clicking this button changes it for free, but any changes made after it has been launched will cost material kits.

Kolony Growth

Q. I see a 'Kolony Growth' button on the 3.75m Colonization Module, what does this do?

A. If you enable this and the Living module, then after 450 days your colony will get a new Kerbal if you have the Crew Capacity to hold it, along with at least one male and one female Kerbal.

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