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The USI Kolonization Systems mod introduces many new terms and abbreviations that can be daunting at first. This page will help you decipher all those three-letter initials, and more! If you don't know what a term or phrase means, and it isn't here, please add it when able!


Any system on a part which has input and/or output, and can usually be turned on/off. Examples include the PDU's Reactor or the Agriculture Module's Agroponics. Part files have a ModuleResourceConverter that tell the game how to handle specific converters.


Inflatable Storage Module.


A whole part, such as the 'Tundra Agriculture Module'. Modules often implement services with converters. For example, the 'Ranger Agriculture Module' has three modules: Agroponics, Cultivator(S), and Cultivator(D).


Modular Kolonization Systems. This mod!


In USI-LS, a part which can reduce the rate at which Kerbals consume supplies.


Umbra Space Industries. The corporation under which RoverDude publishes many of his mods.


Umbra Space Industries Life Support. The default life support mod to use with UKS (although others are supported).


USI Kolonization Systems. The former name for this mod!

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