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Helpful Mods

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This page lists the other mods used by MKS and those that are very helpful in building the bases.

Extraplanetary Launchpads

Roverdude has built some MKS specific parts that are designed to match the MKS look and integrate the functions of Taniwha's EL mod. These parts introduce an enhanced Extraplanetary Launchpads production chain, beyond simple RocketParts. This provides for players wishing to perform outpost construction or build ships off-Kerbin. The MKS-Extraplanetary Launchpad integration does two things:

  • Adds and enhances MKS parts to support EL functionality
  • Dramatically changes the production chain, requiring multiple resources and intermediary goods

Using EL with MKS requires players to download and install the EL mod separately. However, MKS does not require any of the downloaded parts except the survey stake and mallet. It is recommended that the extra parts be removed by the player to save on RAM, although it is not necessary.

As a result of the changes made by MKS to the EL resource chain, you should only ask questions in the EL thread about how to build vessels, and the UI. Any questions about the MKS specific resource chain should be directed to the MKS thread.

OSE Workshop

MKS supports OSE Workshop, which uses Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) to make new parts off-world.


RoverDude has two rover series:

  • the smallest Akita is part of the Konstruction mod
  • the mid size Malemute provides a readily shippable, enclosed vehicle that can carry several Kerbals and supplies.

Note that as of 0.50.8, the Karibou is included with MKS and not a separate mod.

Easy Vessel Switch

Stock game doesn't offer consistent model of the camera positioning when active vessel is switched. Easy Vessel Switch (EVS) does. Now, your camera won't jump randomly as you switch between the vessels and you can switch to any vessel in your view by Alt + clicking on it.

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