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The MKS mod actually contains several different sub-mods. These include


Konstruction includes the bits and parts to build machines that will move the different modules into place on your base, including cranes, forklifts, and robotic arms. These are all built by RoverDude and are not dependent on any other mod.

For more information, see Parts (Konstruction)


This mod contains several tanks and kontainers of various shapes and sizes. These are made to help you ship or store any of the MKS and stock resources. There are also KIS-compatible Kontainers of different sizes.

For more information, see Parts (Kontainers)


To help power your colonies, four additional nuclear reactors have been provided. These run on EnrichedUranium and can be refueled.

For more information, see Parts (Reactors)

Ground Construction

This mod allows you to build complete ships and bases on Kerbin, then deploy a single package to be opened off-world.

For more information, see Parts (Ground Construction)


This is the main component of the mod and includes multiple modules. These include

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