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A collection of perl scripts designed for dealing with form submissions.
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Forms In Perl

Status: Archived (Fully functional, but missing tests)

A collection of scripts designed for dealing with form submissions:

  • form-validator.cgi - designed to take a submitted form, validate it according to a set of rules and either forward form submission to another url or redisplay the form in a browser, highlighting fields that could not be validated.

  • form2mail.cgi - designed to receive data submitted by a form, validate that data against a set of pre-configured rules, and send out a pre-formatted email message upon successful validation of the data.


This scripts are 100% free and are distributed under the terms of the MIT license. You're welcome to use them for private or commercial projects and to generally do whatever you want with them.

If you found any of this scripts useful, would like to support their further development, or you are just feeling generous, then your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

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