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201X-XX-XX UnNetHack 5.X.X
* Support SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH for reproducible builds (patch from Debian)
* Players killed by Nazgul will arise as Barrow Wights in bones files
(a slight change from the original mythology, we know)
* Reviving drained corpses sometimes won't work, and may destroy
the corpse. Partially drained corpses are more likely to revive.
* Wand wresting happens always when an empty wand is zapped with a chance
depending on BUC state if an effect is produced
* Reproducible dungeon layout. Set OPTIONS=seed:number to get the same
dungeon layout.
* Vault Guards get angry if you eat gold in front of them. (From Nethack
Development Code - used with permission)
* Several cosmetic changes - additional engravings, hallucinatory monsters, and funny messages.
* Picking up scrolls of scare monsters change BUC from blessed to
uncursed to cursed
* Default to UTF8graphics on supporting terminals
* item changes:
- Decreased weight of all mithril armor, especially ones of elven make
* user interface improvements:
- Added naming last broken object to #name menu (idea from AceHack/NH4)
- Automatically identify scrolls of scare monster during pickup when
turning to dust or changing known BUC state
- Don't autopickup unpaid items (from NetHack 3.6)
- Change default of shopkeeper sell prompt to 'n' (idea by aosdict)
* dungeon layout:
- Backyard of watery castle get trap doors to ensure player can
descend to the VotD
- Replaced lava with water on lava castle
* bug fixes
- Fixed erroneous messages when remaining in stinking clouds
- Shopkeeper stopping player from entering a shop when having crystal
picks in the inventory
- Fixed improper explosion behavior for wand of fire and wand of cold (reported by Stenno)
- Fixed crash when drained troll corpse evaporated but rot timer was
still set on invalid pointer
- Correctly identify uncursed items in bags dropped on altars when hallucinating
- Prevent potential endless when praying and using perma hallucination
- Fixed crash with a configured nameempty option (found and fixed by tertium)
- Fixed crash in X11 inventory
- Fixed possible endless loop in autotravel on the Rogue level
- Fixed lava breath related crash at the edges of the map
- The chest in the Castle containing the wishing wand can never be
trapped (from 3.6.0)
* vanilla bug fixes:
- C343-439: Running NetHack in a terminal window with more than 255
rows or columns produces display errors.
- C343-320: Reading a Scroll of Mail no longer violates illiterate conduct
2013-12-08 UnNetHack 5.1.0
* Mind flayer attacks only cause physical damage and int drain
* Wands and spells of digging are no longer restricted on maze levels
* Sokoban luck penalty removed and added tracking of solving Sokoban
without any tricks
* Monster generation increasing with turn count (from SporkHack)
* Removed the Quest turn limit
* Player vampire gets a charisma bonus when wearing an opera cloak (by L)
* Some monster vampires get an opera cloak (from Slash'Em)
* Automatically identify potions of sickness, hallucination, and speed
when inhaling their vapors
* Poison gas blasts leave a trail of stinking clouds (from UnNetHackPlus)
* Magical traps (except for magic portals and anti-magic fields) can be disarmed
with a wand of cancellation (based on the patch by Malcolm Ryan)
* Applying zorkmids allows the player to flip a coin (code by Pasi Kallinen)
* Sokoban prizes are never cursed or have negative enchantment
* Automatically identify wand of cancellation after destroying a bag
of holding with it
* Menucolors: setting a color or attribute doesn't remove a previously
set attribute or color (by aaxelb)
* Regeneration only causes additional hunger when injured (by Adeon)
* Reinstated vanilla behavior for cursed scrolls of gold detection and
adding some traps to the planes
* Tourists start with more darts to compensate for more training being
needed to advance weapon skills
* Player can wish for up to 100 projectiles (from UnNetHackPlus)
* Increase range of properly fired missiles, and crossbow range no
longer depends on strength (from SporkHack)
* Require high strength for crossbow multishot, with a bonus for
gnomes (from GruntHack)
* One-eyed Sam is tougher and it's harder to steal from the black market
* Nazgul scream attack added, with limited range (from UnNetHackPlus, based
on code from SporkHack)
* Aleaxes are created with exact copies (barring artifacts) of your
wielded weapons and armor (provided they are actual weapons); when
your own god sends a hostile monster, it will always be an Aleax (by L)
* Remove bonus for role special spells
* It is impossible to know both the speed and location of a quantum mechanic
* It is possible to get vampire blood out of a sink; additionally, the
random potions out of a sink can have any BUC, depending on luck
* Eating a disenchanter corpse cures hallucination and has a chance of
removing a random intrinsic, 20% chance if hallucinating, 50% otherwise
* Elven/vampiric players do not regenerate health while touching iron/silver with
bare skin (respectively), unless the iron/silver object is their quest artifact
* Let intelligent monsters pick up and use keys (idea by Christian Stegen)
* Confused monks get a bonus of 1 AC while confused as a reference to drunken boxing
* New config option for customizing monster letter in UTF8graphics:
- MONSTERSYMBOL='horse':U+0127 # latin small letter h with stroke
* item changes:
- Autoidentify BUC of products from BUC identified item generators (from UnNetHackPlus)
- Wearing fedora increases luck of archaeologists (from UnNetHackPlus)
- Applying certain wands has a chance of creating a related trap
- Land mines and beartraps weigh less (from UnNetHackPlus)
- Sokoban's Amulet of ESP replaced with an Amulet of Flying
- Luckstones dramatically slow luck timeout instead of preventing it
completely. Blessed luckstones slow the timeout of positive luck,
cursed luckstones negative luck, and uncursed luckstones both.
- Reading a Scroll of Light while confused summons some (black) lights
- Reading a non-blessed scroll of punishment while confused summons a Punisher. BE CAREFUL
- A horn of plenty has a *small* chance to produce potions of [vampire] blood
* artifact changes:
- From SporkHack:
- All the weapons below warn against and have 20% instakill chance
against their target monsters.
- Dragonbane is now a dwarvish spear that conveys fire, cold, shock,
acid, poison, acid, and disintegration resistance while wielded.
- Giantslayer is now a sling that gives 18/** STR while wielded or
in the alternate weapon slot.
- Werebane conveys polymorph control while wielded.
- Ogresmasher gives 25 CON while wielded.
- Trollsbane prevents trolls from leaving corpses while wielded.
- Other:
- Luck Blade added, first sacrifice gift for Convicts
- Grimtooth is the first sacrifice gift for Rogues; it is now
permanently poisoned and grants poison resistance while wielded
- The Longbow of Diana gives +1 multishot and +1 damage bonus when
firing any type of arrow
- Excalibur can be cleanly untrapped when embedded in dungeon
features if at least devoutly lawful; it also tends to appear
there when gifted or wished for
- Replaced the Orb of Detection with Itlachiayaque as the Archeologist
quest artifact: a shield of reflection that grants fire resistance,
ESP, half spell damage, and produces stinking clouds when invoked (by L)
* livelog: report bag of holding explosions
* new role: Convict class, based on the patch by Karl Garrison
* removed monsters:
- anti-matter vortices
* replaced monsters:
- gold dragons replaced with glowing dragons
* new monsters:
- Sheol-specific monsters:
- blue slimes
- crystal ice golems
- chillbugs
- ice golems
- Punishers
- white nagas
- Moria-specific monsters:
- deep orcs
- Unique monsters:
- Executioner (Sheol)
- Durin's Bane (Moria)
- Watcher in the Water (Moria)
- Robert the Lifer (Convict quest leader)
- Warden Arianna (Convict quest nemesis)
- General monsters:
- dark Angels
- white naga hatchlings
- locusts (from SporkHack)
- weeping angels
- weeping archangels
- evil eyes
- shambling horrors (from Sporkhack)
- dungeon ferns, sprouts, and spores
- arctic ferns, sprouts, and spores
- blazing ferns, sprouts, and spores
- swamp ferns, sprouts, and spores
- Devil's Snare
- uranium imps
* dungeon layout:
- Length of Town branch reduced and special filler level added
- Drastically increased generation probability of Fort Ludios portal
- New branch: Sheol
- New branch: The Ruins of Moria
* level changes:
- Only the Sanctum and the Astral Plane are unmappable levels
- Vlad's Tower contains "coffins" instead of chests, and coffins
may be found in graves
- Instead of two scrolls of earth, Sokoban levels have one scroll
of earth with a 50% chance of a second one
- Elemental Planes each have a scroll related to their element
somewhere on the level
- Monster generation on the Oracle level is different from vanilla
* new levels:
- Black market version with One-eyed Sam promoted to management
- Special non-persistent level in the Ruins of Moria branch
* options:
- default of sortloot changed to 'loot'
- Allow exact numbers in STATUSCOLOR settings (from NAO)
- Permanent hallucination conduct option: perma_hallu
- Disable death drops conduct option: deathdropless
- Disable Elbereth conduct option: elberethignore
- New options:
- wound_message -- Healers can receive Crawl-style damage
messages indicating the current health of their foes
- invweight -- Display current weight of your inventory
and the maximum amount you can carry on the status
line (from SLASH'EM 0.7)
- showweight -- Display the weight of individial items in
your inventory (from SLASH'EM 0.7)
- nameempty -- Automatically #name wands known to be empty
* role differentiation:
- Tourists get automatic type identification for shop items
- Healers can see how wounded monsters are (by L)
- Knights get a weight bonus for body armor heavier than
studded leather armor
- Archeologists can enchant fedoras to +7
* skill changes:
- Galloping duration depends on riding skills (idea by Beolach,
code by Pasi Kallinen)
- Skill gain for spells is faster than skill gain for weapons
- Riding skill is exercised more quickly, closer to vanilla
* extended commands:
- #vanquished: Shows a list of all vanquished monsters
- #tip: Tips over a container to empty it of its contents
* user interface improvements:
- HP notify, showing HP changes in the message area (from NAO)
- Menus made aware of the maximum count of an item (by heinrich5991)
- Message for some monster cancellation events
- When standing on Elbereth, show it in status lines
- New paranoid options: paranoid_lava and paranoid_water, asks for
confirmation before walking into known lava and water squares
unless the player knows that worn water walking boots make it safe
- Dump log: mark starting inventory items with a *
- Automatically ask whether to unlock when #looting a locked container
and carrying an unlocking tool (from UnNetHackPlus)
- Show remaining memory in spellcasting menu as percentage (from AceHack)
- Applying a spellbook allows the player to flip through the pages,
providing an indication of how many more times it can be read
- The #enhance menu indicates when skills require "just a little" more
exercise before they may be enhanced
- Blessed charging identifies how many charges an item has (from AceHack)
- When targeting a coordinate, you can press @ to move cursor to
yourself. (from NAO, idea from b_jonas)
- Dragons auto-ID after observing breath attacks (from UnNetHackPlus)
- Dragons auto-ID after being probed (from DynaHack)
- You can level-port to levels based on their annotation
- Rustproof/Erodeproof/Fixed is known by default (from DynaHack)
* bug fixes:
- Fixed crash when player gets killed when entering a new level and
a trap on the previous level causes a null pointer dereference
when writing the HTML map (related to C343-20).
- Really reduce occurrences of hint daemon to once per game
- Fixed crash with ray beams at edges of maps
- Fixed missing item name with traditional menustyle
- Disabled chromatic dragon generation by monster summoning
- Fixed sporadic crash with hitpointbar when hp was below 0
- Clear dungeon overview info for bones files (reported by Christian
- Fixed crash when destroying bag of holding containing gold pieces
- Fixed gold not merging in containers after container has been BUC
tested on altars
- Empty bag of tricks don't get destroyed by wands of cancellation
- Fixed false warning in dungeon overview when encountering
lighting shops
- Blasts or potions of acid destroy iron bars
- Metallivores can eat through iron bars
* vanilla bug fixes:
- Prevent the Book of the Dead from being destroyed when the
player falls into lava. (from GruntHack)
- Fix security bug in options handler (reported by Matthew Daley,
fixed by Pasi Kallinen)
- Honor pickup_burden when picking up gold.
- Fix TTY crashing when a location has more than 32k items (from NAO)
- Correct article when choking on named artifacts
- Fix crash while restoring game when riding and wielding an
artifact with SPFX_WARN or SPFX_WARN_S (e.g. Sting or Dragonbane)
- Fix crash when teleporting onto a sink while equipping levitation
boots. (found by Alex Smith)
- C343-8: Plural of Nazgul is Nazgul, not Nazguls
- C343-52: Worn or wielded objects destroyed by dipping into lit
potions of oil are not handled properly; this can result
in odd game behavior.
- C343-175: Chatting to prisoners may give an inappropriate message
(from UnNetHackPlus, thanks to Reddit user Nuclear_Winterfell)
- C343-162: Ungrammatical Magicbane hit messages (by Ray Chason)
- C343-424: Unlit candelabrum becomes unlightable if candles have
exactly one turn of fuel left and it was applied in the
wrong location.
2012-04-01 UnNetHack 4.0.0
* Uncursed and blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal secret doors
* Blessed scrolls of magic mapping reveal objects
* Dump log: show same information on final dump as wizard mode
* Minotaurs respect Elbereth
* Bones level tracking
* Conduct: Racial armor tracking
* extra AC point per worn piece of racial armor
* Reduce occurrences of hint daemon to once per game
* Automatically identify rings dropped into a sink when message is
* Allow stethoscopes to identify egg types (unless hallucinating)
(from SporkHack)
* Reduce AC of dragon scales to 1 and dragon scale mails to 5
* Killing your Quest leader opens up the stairs to the lower quest
levels (from SporkHack)
* new branch:
- the Dragon Caves (from NetHack Brass R/S)
* new dungeon features:
- muddy swamp (from NetHack Brass)
* added items:
- chromatic dragon scales and scale mail
* new monsters:
- chromatic dragons
- wax golems (providing candles as death drop) (from Slash'Em)
* new levels:
- Sokoban levels (from GruntHack)
* bug fixes:
- Draw health bar in inverse when color is disabled (reported by
Bernard Helyer)
- Warn atheist player when trying to offering the Amulet of Yendor
- Workaround for preventing the stairs to Vlad's tower appearing
in the wizard's tower
* build fixes:
- Compilation failed on openSUSE when trying to link with curses but
tparm being present in ncurses (reported by Roger Koot)
2012-02-05 UnNetHack 3.6.1
* Scatter contents of bag of holding explosion instead of
destroying it (from SporkHack)
* Quest leaders can smash rocks when angry (from SporkHack)
* Blackmarket shopkeeper can smash rocks when angry
* Strength bonus for two-handed weaponry is doubled. (from SporkHack)
* Tins made from giant turtles are delicious and nutritious (by Bernard Helyer)
* Gauntlets of power give +7 damage bonus to differentiate
from 18/** (from SporkHack)
* Win32:
- Standard Windows GUI bundled
- HTML dumps enabled
* New option: bones: allow player control of loading bones (partly
from NAO)
* user interface improvements:
- Monster Targeting v1.2 (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Changed 'C' to present a menu (from NAO)
- Hiding useless options in TTY mode
- Display items in inventory list
* bug fixes:
- Fixed crash when player polyed into gold dragon because of wearing
a gold dragon armor and a bones file getting written and the gold
armor getting removed during bones inventory trimming
- replace "dungeon" when applying drum of earthquake with
appropriate description depening on branch or level
* vanilla bug fixes:
- C343-72: You get confusing messages when you stop levitating
while on a flying steed. (by Edoardo Spadolini)
- C343-174: Drum of earthquake gives inappropriate message if hero
or monster is in a pit.
2011-10-08 UnNetHack 3.6.0
* changing color of monster with config line:
MONSTERCOLOR=acid blob:lightcyan
* HTML dump: output IBMgraphics and DECgraphics characters
* Multiple bones files per level (not on Win32)
* Autoconf compliant installation directory variables
* added new tiles and fixed building of 16x16 tiles (by Stephan T. Lavavej)
* Curses GUI updated to last version
* Giantslayer grants STR 18/** when wielded
* Simple hint mode
* New config option for changing order of spells in spell menu:
* Hallucination: fictional currencies
* more candles:
- lighting shop in orcus town
- Gnomes get candles (more likely in dark mines) (from AceHack)
* patches:
- DYWYPISI? (adds identification details to dump) (by Jafet)
- Grudge (some NPC monsters attacking each other) (by Nephi)
- MSGTYPE option (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Sortloot (by Jukka Lahtinen)
* changed to sort by description, BUC and more
- Quiver Fired Ammunition (by Jukka Lahtinen)
* user interface improvements:
- Autoexplore (from AceHack)
- New category menu option: "Unidentified items"
- 'X' toggles twoweaponing, explore mode is on alt-x resp. #xplore
- BUC items inside containers dropped on altars (from AceHack)
- stairs leading to branches are colored yellow
- inventory improvement: generic item usage menu (from AceHack)
- visualized HP bar(hitpointbar) activated by default
- visual indicator showing which spells can be refreshed (from K-Mod)
- show level annotation when entering level (idea by Chris Smith)
- refreshing spells is allowed at all time (with prompt) (from AceHack)
- Automatically apply unlocking tool when trying to open a locked door
- Options paranoid_hit and paranoid_quit on by default
- Don't autopickup sokoban prizes
- Auto-opening doors when using autotravel
* new dungeon features:
- dead trees (from NetHack Brass)
* vanilla bug fixes:
- C343-74: Entering a long running, uninterruptible command after
stoning starts will kill you.
- C343-198: Playing in a 20 or 21 line window can cause the game to
- C343-171: Silver weapon damage message is sometimes missing when
hero is polymorphed
* bug fixes:
- HTML dump: fix crash if monster name is too long
- Fixed crashes when attacking long worms on flipped levels
- Fixed ctrl-e overwriting engraved engravings with dust messages
- Workaround for preventing the stairs to Vlad's tower appearing
in the wizard's tower
- Fixed breaking of pacifist conduct when killing a monster with
an unknown rolling boulder trap
- Fixed crash in wizard mode when using extmenu set to true
- Cheapskate shopkeepers calculated unknown gem prices as if they
were known.
- Enable entering pits with > on undiggable levels
- Blackmarket shopkeeper not blocking player carrying a digging tool
- Draining corpses shouldn't make your fingers slippery
- Prevent player vampire from rising as other monster
2010-10-10 UnNetHack 3.5.3-1
* bug fixes:
- Quest nemesis not carrying bell of opening
- Door being created in the corner of a room
- Mine levels being lit too often
2010-09-04 UnNetHack 3.5.3
* Conflict makes blackmarket shopkeeper angry
* Fully eroded armor gets destroyed
* Lowered the needed experience level for the quest
* HTML dump
* Pi day support
* Reduced Sokoban branch by one level
* Vampires as player selectable starting race (from Slash'Em)
* Remove instadeath poison, reduce hp and maxhp instead (from SporkHack)
* patches:
- Conduct: Elbereth tracking (by Ray Kulhanek)
- Dungeon Map Overview 3 (by Hojita Discordia)
- Extended Conducts v2.3 (by Andreas Dorn)
- Paranoid Patch (by various)
- Splittable #adjust Patch (by Sam Dennis and Jukka Lahtinen)
- Tutorial (by Alex Smith)
* user interface improvements:
- auto-ID of rings of regeneration when hurt
- automatically talk to monsters if only one is next to the player
- Ctrl-e automatically writes resp. engraves "Elbereth"
- multiple items on floor shown in reverse video
- show price of items in shops without #chatting
- Curses GUI
- visualized HP bar
- new Paranoid option: paranoid_trap, asks for confirmation before
walking into known traps
* vanilla bug fixes:
- C343-12: You can't use '>' to enter a pit.
- C343-94: Probing a re-animated statue may cause a panic.
- C343-189: Temple donations and protection lost to gremlin attack
interact incorrectly.
- C343-235: Casting spell of protection gives incorrect message if
hero is swallowed or in rock.
- SC343-8: Re-animating a statue containing gold produces too much
- SC343-20: Hangup save while picking up gold in a shop may
duplicate the gold.
* added items:
- scroll of flood
* removed items:
- scroll of amnesia
* new rooms:
- instrument shop (adapted from NetHack Brass RS)
- pet stores (from Slash'Em)
- tin shops (from Slash'Em)
* new monster:
- giant turtle (blocks vision) (from SporkHack)
2010-01-10 UnNetHack 3.5.2-1
Crash bugfix: Prevent alchemizing not existing potions
2009-12-09 UnNetHack 3.5.2
* Increased skill levels
* Blood-sucking and biting Vampires (from Slash'Em)
* New option: showdmg (only in wizmode)
* Trollsbane: grants hungerless regeneration
* Vorpal Blade: +1d8 special damage
* Prevent crash when rn2 <= 0 is called
* Vibrating square: messages when player is near
* new items:
- potion of blood and vampire blood (from Slash'Em)
* Patches:
- Bag of Tricks Enhancement Patch (by Nephi)
- Breaking a camera may release a picture painting demon (by L)
- Camera Demon (by L)
- Cancellation Patch (by Malcolm Ryan)
- Color alchemy Patch (by Nephi)
- Free Fortune Cookie (by Nephi)
- Litmus Patch (by Dylan O'Donnell)
- Monk specific greeting and goodbye (by Haakon Studebaker)
- Oily corpses (by L)
- Qwertz_layout Patch (by Stanislav Traykov)
- While Helpless (by Pasi Kallinen)
* vanilla bug fixes:
- C343-55: "Ulch" messages have inconsistent capitalization.
- C343-116: Grammar error in messages related to choking on gold.
- C343-136: A samurai quest guardian message uses "ninja" where
"ronin" is intended.
- C343-211: Engraving under water gives a poorly worded message.
- C343-231: Time is distorted while sinking into lava.
* user interface improvements:
- Interrupt a multi turn action if hit points or magical energy is restored
2009-06-13 UnNetHack 3.5.1
* new levels:
- Fort Ludios levels
- Sokoban levels (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Medusa levels (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Castle levels (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Bigrooms (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Heck² levels (by Kelly Bailey)
- new mine town: Orcish Town (from SporkHack)
- nymph level (from Slash'Em)
- the Blackmarket (by Massimo Campostrini)
- flipped levels patch (by Pasi Kallinen)
* new rooms:
- garden
- dilapidated armouries (by L)
* new items:
- iron safes (from SporkHack)
- rings of gain intelligence/wisdom/dexterity (from Slash'Em)
- tinfoil hat (by L)
* item behaviour changes:
- Amulet of Yendor may teleport away when dropped
- Scrolls of gold detection: confused reading shows a random item class
- Scrolls of genocide kill monster on level (uncursed) or globally (blessed)
* Patches:
- Astral Escape (via GruntHack from Chi)
- Dump patch (by Jukka Lahtinen)
- Dungeon growths (by Pasi Kallinen)
- Exotic Pets (by Rob Ellwood)
- Extinct and showborn patch (from Jukka Lahtinen)
- Randomized Planes (by Patric Mueller)
- Simple mail (from dgamelaunch)
- xlogfile (by Aardvark Joe)
* vanilla bug fixes:
- Astral Call Bug:
SC343-11: It's possible to easily find the identity of a high
priest on the Astral plane.
SC343-12: Hero using telepathy can abuse Call on the Astral Plane.
- C343-8: Plural of Nazgul is Nazgul - not Nazguls.
- C343-19: Dipping acid in a fountain may not destroy the acid.
- C343-100: Game may crash if thrown potion hits bars before a
- C343-179: If a monster is killed or tamed while over water (or by
a drawbridge) while carrying a potion of acid, the game
may panic.
- C343-218: Applying a wielded cream pie can crash the game.
- C343-258: Grammar error in samurai quest: "wakarimasu?" instead of
"wakarimasu ka?"
- C343-259: "Dr. Dolittle" is spelled incorrectly.
- C343-268: Used up potion of acid may end up in bones file.
- C343-275: If a lit, wielded, candle or potion of oil burns out,
the game may crash.
- C343-276: If a figurine auto-transforms while wielded or worn, the
game may crash.
- C343-298: Kicking at "empty space" uses no time.
- C343-318: Opening or closing the castle drawbridge using music
takes no time.
- C343-324: Cutting a long worm in two will crash the game if the
cut takes the worm to 1 HP or if long worms had become
* new monsters:
- Cthulhu (from Slash'Em Lethe)
- anti-matter vortex (from NetHack Brass)
- disintegrator (from Nicholas Webbs biodiversity patch)
- gold dragons (by Nephi)
- snow ants (from Slash'Em)
- vorpal jabberwock (by L)
* user interface improvements:
- auto open doors (by Stefano Busti)
- menucolors (by Pasi Kallinen)
- pickup thrown objects (by Roderick Schertler)
- status colors (by Shachaf & Oren Ben-Kiki)
- window edge (by Pasi Kallinen)
* unlimited growing of scores prevented
* Bribable demons demand more money (from SporkHack)
* Prevent excessive pudding farming by halving max hp of puddings
* Choice of Sokoban prize (from NetHack Brass)
* Quest nemesis don't respect Elbereth
* Unique demons don't respect Elbereth
* The Heart of Ahriman gives displacement and energy regeneration
* Throne: no wishes
* Towel day support
* Death talks in CAPITAL LETTERS