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Activating the UnaShield

To activate the UnaShield and get access to Sigfox Backend:

  1. Go to and select your country

  2. Using a mobile phone, scan the QR code on your UnaShield to retrieve the Sigfox Device ID and PAC (Porting Authorization Code)

  3. Enter the Sigfox Device ID and PAC into the activation screen

  4. Enter your personal particulars to register for a Sigfox Backend account

  5. Check your email account for the activation email. Click the link inside.

  6. Type your password twice. Please use a secure password with 8 or more characters, containing at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter, one digit and one symbol e.g. !@#$^

  7. Once registered and activated, you may login to, the Sigfox Backend Portal.

  8. When you have successfully sent a message from the UnaShield to the Sigfox basestation, the network indicator at the left of the screen should turn green. To see the UnaShield messages received by Sigfox, click on your device ID shown in the centre of the screen.

  9. You will see a list of messages received by the Sigfox network from your UnaShield device. Click a message to see the details.

  10. You may also configure the Server Callback that Sigfox will call to pass any received messages. This is configured under "Device Type". Click your device type and select "Callbacks". This document explains more details about configuring the callback, including downlinks:

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