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I just ran npm update, and it complains:

TypeError: Object #<Object> has no method 'jsdom'
    at create (/Users/cjroebuck/Dev/Quillu/foto/node_modules/jquery/node-jquery.js:5:39)
    at /Users/cjroebuck/Dev/Quillu/foto/node_modules/jquery/node-jquery.js:9066:18
    at Object.<anonymous> (/Users/cjroebuck/Dev/Quillu/foto/node_modules/jquery/node-jquery.js:9068:1)

jquery is version 1.6.3

reverting to jquery@1.6.2 fixes this issue


Hmmm... try rm node_modules -rf; npm install jquery.

I just checked on the package.json and it is including jsdom.

You might also try npm install jsdom@0.1.2.

In the Ender.JS package (jQuery with a capital Q) I don't include the jsdom dep, but in the jquery package I do.


ya, so it looks like someone bumped to 1.6.3 and published to npm... which isn't good since that version is completely broken. also, that jsdom version info from your comment is dead wrong-- the requirement for the working 1.6.2 package is "jsdom": ">=0.2.0"

are you the official maintainer for this?


I've played with it a little bit and pushed a new version.

In order to eliminate confusion between the Ender.JS and Node.JS versions I'm getting rid of jquery (lowercase) and requiring that you install jsdom and htmlparser sibling dependencies from now on rather than as children.

npm install jQuery jsdom htmlparser xmlhttprequest

I'm the ad-hoc maintainer. I have no formal association with jQuery.

Sorry for the inconveniences of the 1.6.3 upgrade.

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