Add loading indicator to row sorting #34

halkyon opened this Issue May 23, 2013 · 3 comments


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halkyon commented May 23, 2013

Currently there is no visual feedback when a user sorts a GridField row. As a user it would be nice to see a small loading indicator on the affected row when sorting is underway, then disappear once the ajax request is successful.


UndefinedOffset commented May 23, 2013

Is this in 3.1? Because in 3.0 it should use the built in loading indicator in the cms.


halkyon commented May 25, 2013

Yes, 3.1. I don't see any loading indicator when I drag an item up and down the GridField.

It's not a huge issue because updating is so fast anyway, but just thought it might be a small improvement so the user can tell once their sorting has been saved.


halkyon commented May 25, 2013

Wow, that was super fast. Thanks for that, works nicely now :)

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