Spiral is a Danganronpa Modding Framework written in Kotlin
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Spiral is a Danganronpa Modding Framework written in Kotlin, which is currently undergoing a major rewrite. Watch this space for any updates which may or may not happen, but stay tuned!


Right now, the SPIRAL indev release is a command line only program. That means, you need to open it using either Command Prompt, or Terminal, depending on your operating system.

Open your Command Prompt or Terminal, and type in "java -jar ", and then drag in the JAR file downloaded from the Releases page. This will either start up SPIRAL or inform you that you need to install Java.

Currently, the feature set of SPIRAL is a bit limited, although conversion, extraction, and compilation is supported. A full list of commands is available in the program, however for convenience a simple list is provided here

  • help
  • find
  • registered
  • convert
  • operate
  • exit

If you discover a bug, please report it!


Discord Server

To discuss SPIRAL, for bugs, or anything like that, there's a Discord server here: https://discord.gg/BSdvdef


Primary credit goes to https://github.com/AdmiralCurtiss/HyoutaTools and https://github.com/TcT2k/HLMWadExplorer for providing the basis of this program.