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I use this to manage gem versions in my apps, it has a rake task to install gems and a load util to load them on startup.

Install or update required gems

rake gems:install

Make sure they are loaded with the right versions during startup, by adding the following to environment.rb


The config file looks like

:source: # this is optional
  - :name: mongrel
    :version: "1.0"
  1. this gem has a specfic source URL
    :source: ‘’
- :name: hpricot :version: ‘0.4’
  1. this tells us to load not just install
    :load: true
- :name: postgres :version: ‘0.7.1’ :load: true
  1. any extra config that needs to be passed to gem install
    :config: ‘—with-pgsql-include-dir=/usr/local/pgsql/include —with-pgsql-lib-dir=/usr/local/pgsql/lib’
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