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2009-11-29 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.10
- Perma-fix recurrent breakage of missing scrubbable? on new Hpricot
- Fix breakage with Hpricot 0.8.2's "attributes" not being a hash,
therefore not supporting #each
2009-07-29 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.8
- fix undefined method `scrubbable?' for #<Hpricot::ProcIns>
- fix issue in scrubbing when there are no nodes
2009-04-23 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.7
- More fixes for recent versions of hpricot - Thanks Luc Chauvin
2009-04-07 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.6
- Fixes for recent versions of hpricot:
2009-03-30 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.5
- Fixes for recent versions of hpricot:
- Fix fatal error scrubbing anything that has no children (such as an
- Fix fatal error removing elements with no children
2008-11-02 Michael <>
Release 0.3.4
- Fix gem command test - Thanks David Masover
2007-04-05 Michael <>
Release 0.3.2
- Fix broken dependancy in the gem
2008-06-03 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.1
- Allow an element rule to be a Proc (which is expected to return one of
the other non-proc rules (false/:strip/true/attr_rules). This allows the
building of highly custom filtering rules (for example filter out <B>
tags unless their parent is a <P>...)
- Slight cleanup of internal documentation
2008-01-11 Mina Naguib <>
Release 0.3.0
Large overhaul of the module's logic to mimic most of perl's HTML::Scrubber
- Deprecate config keys :allow_tags, :remove_tags and :allow_attributes
- Introduce config keys :elem_rules, :default_elem_rule,
:default_comment_rule and :default_attribute_rule
- Document the above (inline - visible in rdoc & the likes)
2007-04-05 Michael <>
Release 0.2.3
Add patches from Eric Wong
- Recursive scrubbing wasn't scrubbing if parent was in allow
- Add optional use of HTMLEntities
2007-03-04 Michael <>
Release 0.2.2
Add patches from Eric Wong
- Apparently my environment is automagically including YAML, added that
- Add a check to see if an element responds to scrub when calling scrubable?
2007-03-04 Michael <>
Release 0.2.0
- Add String methods for scrub and scrub!
- Fixed a bug where nested elements were not being scrubbed when using a
config hash
2007-03-03 Michael <>
- Release 0.1.0, Initial Gem version
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