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#LibGDX Overlap2D runtime - wiki

What is Overlap2D ?

Overlap2D is an open source level map and ui editor for game development. With Overlap2D one can create complex UI and Game levels, export that data as JSON, and then use this runtime in order to render that content in one particular game engine or framework that this runtime was made for (in this case it's libGDX )

To learn more about Overlap2D, visit our website: There you can download editor itself, learn more on how to use it and what features it has.

To get help on this particular runtime, use this wiki as your guide.

What does this runtime do exactly?

This is the most complete library built on top of libGDX, it will let you load assets exported by Overlap2D into memory, and then allow you to render the scene and/or navigate through nested structure of item by using their id's to dynamically program your game logic. This runtime also comes with Ashley architecture, but can be used with Scene2D as well.

Move on to the Getting Started guide in order to learn how.