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MicroPython Youtube API

A MicroPython based Youtube API wrapper library and example code that allows you to connect to the Google Apps API backend to obtain channel stats for aa YouTube channel.

Setting up the config.json

The config.json file contains entried you will need to fill in for the following items: * ssid - Your Wifi network SSID * ssid_password - Your WiFi router password * appkeyid - Your API kety from Google (See below on how to opbtain one) * channelid - Your YouTube Channel ID * query_interval_sec - How long between hitting GoogleApps for an updated set of data

    "ssid": "Enter_Wifi_SSID",
    "ssid_password": "Enter_Wifi_Password",
    "appkeyid": "Enter_GooleApps_API_Key",
    "channelid": "Enter_YT_Channel_ID",
    "query_interval_sec": 60


Download the repositry and copy the following files to your ESP8266 or ESP32 Development board running the latest mainline MicroPython firmware

  • config.json
  • Optional: from examples folder

Using the API ----------

Check the example script for a full implementation of using the library.

Take note that the creation of the YoutubeAPI() instance is done using the with statement to create a context around the definition, so cleanup of the WiFi connection can happen when the data variable (class instance) is out of scope.

from micropython_youtube_api import YoutubeAPI
import network, json, time

# Read config
with open('config.json') as f:
    config = json.load(f)

# Check config.json has updated credentials
if config['ssid'] == 'Enter_Wifi_SSID':
    assert False, ("config.json has not been updated with your unique keys and data")

# Create WiFi connection and turn it on
wlan = network.WLAN(network.STA_IF)

# Connect to WiFi router
print ("Connecting to WiFi: {}".format( config['ssid'] ) )
wlan.connect( config['ssid'], config['ssid_password'])

# Wait until wifi is connected
while not wlan.isconnected:

# Create an instance of the YoutubeApi
with YoutubeAPI( config["channelid"], config["appkeyid"], config["query_interval_sec"] ) as data:

    # Read the data every X seconds
    update_interval = 5
    update_stats_time = time.time() - 10

    while True:

        if update_stats_time < time.time():
            update_stats_time = time.time() + update_interval

            print ("Subs {}".format( data.subs ) )
            print ("Views {}".format( data.views ) )
            print ("Videos {}".format( data.videos ) )
            print ("Comments {}".format( data.comments ) )

Getting a Google Apps API key (Required!)

* Make sure the following URL works for you in your browser (Change the key at the end!):


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