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Isabelle/MMT requires a version of Isabelle that fits precisely to it. The latest stable release is for Isabelle2019 (June 2019), but intermediate development versions require a later Isabelle repository clone according to ISABELLE_VERSION -- see also and in particular the file README_REPOSITORY section Quick start in 30min.

In particular, the following versions from Aug-2019 should fit together:

The corresponding OMDoc content is available here (commit messages refer to the underlying versions of Isabelle + AFP):


Isabelle/MMT is a command-line tool within the Isabelle system environment. Both building and running it requires proper Isabelle component setup, which results in certain environment variables in the enclosing process. For general explanations, see the Isabelle system manual (chapter 1), e.g. available in the Documentation panel of Isabelle/jEdit. The MMT sub-directory src/mmt-isabelle already provides suitable component settings that can be activated e.g. in $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings like this:

init_component ".../MMT/src/mmt-isabelle"

where .../MMT refers to the full path specification of the MMT source directory. Note that a standalone mmt.jar is not sufficient: the Isabelle component requires some regular files from the MMT source tree.


Here are some example invocations of the main command-line tools:

  • build (requires sbt):

    isabelle mmt_build
  • importer:

    isabelle mmt_import -B ZF
    isabelle mmt_import -g main
    isabelle mmt_import -o record_proofs=2 -B HOL-Proofs
  • HTTP server to browse the results:

    isabelle mmt_server -A isabelle_test
  • MMT shell:

    isabelle mmt
  • development with IntelliJ IDEA:

    isabelle env idea

    Note that build.sbt has some tricks on conditional project composition: it requires to re-initialize the IDEA project after dropping in or out of the Isabelle system environment.

Big examples

Recall that Isabelle consists of two processes:

  1. ML: poly for the Poly/ML runtime system
  2. Scala: java for the Java Runtime Environment

Big examples require generous heap space for both, typically 30 GB. Note that both platforms have a discontinuity when switching from short 32-bit pointers to full 64-bit ones: 16 GB for Poly/ML and 32 GB for Java. Going beyond that doubles the baseline memory requirements.

The subsequent setup works well for hardware with 64 GB of main memory:

  • $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/preferences

    ML_system_64 = true
  • $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings

    ML_OPTIONS="--minheap 4G --maxheap 30G"
    ISABELLE_TOOL_JAVA_OPTIONS="-Djava.awt.headless=true -Xss16m -Xms4g -Xmx30g"


  isabelle mmt_import -a -X doc -X no_doc
  isabelle mmt_import -d '$AFP' -a -X doc -X no_doc -X slow
  isabelle mmt_import -d '$AFP' -a -X doc -X no_doc -X very_slow

Here $AFP refers to the Isabelle settings variable provided by the Archive of Formal Proofs as Isabelle component (using a suitable init_component line in $ISABELLE_HOME_USER/etc/settings). Alternatively, it is possible to refer to the physical AFP directory as .../AFP/thys (the sub-directory thys is important here).

Directory layout for MathHub

The MMT MathHub keeps the main Isabelle Distribution separate from the Archive of Formal Proofs. The isabelle mmt_import tool can use the chapter structure of Isabelle sessions to distribute documents into different archives. Its option -C provides (multiple) mappings from chapter names to archive names (according to the base directory name). The chapter name _ serves as catch-all pattern.

Since all sessions in AFP are guaranteed to belong to the chapter AFP, the following works for Isabelle + AFP as one big import process:

  isabelle mmt_import -d '$AFP' -A content/MathHub -C AFP=AFP -C _=Distribution -a -X doc -X no_doc -X very_slow

Note that other Isabelle applications may have their own chapter naming scheme, or re-use official Isabelle chapter names; if nothing is specified, the default chapter is Unsorted.

Command-line reference

The entry points for Isabelle/MMT tools reside in the MMT directory src/mmt-isabelle/lib/Tools -- usually some shell scripts that invoke Java within the Isabelle environment, to pass the control over to some Scala main() functions. The actual implementation is provided by regular Scala functions, without assuming a command-line context.

The usage of command-line tools generally follows GNU bash standards: the Isabelle/Scala library provides an imitation of GNU getopts for that. Output and error behavior follows established standards for Isabelle command-line tools. In particular, internal Java exception traces are not shown to end-users by default.

isabelle mmt_build

This is a thin wrapper for sbt mmt/deploy within the formal Isabelle environment and the correct directory in the MMT source tree; it trims the resulting jar to avoid duplicates of Scala libraries. Furthermore, it ensures that Isabelle/Scala has been properly bootstrapped beforehand (e.g. when working from the Isabelle repository).

isabelle mmt_import

This is the main Isabelle/MMT importer: it explores Isabelle sessions and loads all resulting theories into an Isabelle/PIDE process. Results are continuously imported into MMT and written to specified math archive directories. Its command-line usage is as follows:

Usage: isabelle mmt_import [OPTIONS] [SESSIONS ...]

  Options are:
    -A DIR       add archive directory
    -C CH=AR     add mapping of chapter CH to archive AR, or default "_=AR"
    -B NAME      include session NAME and all descendants
    -D DIR       include session directory and select its sessions
    -R           operate on requirements of selected sessions
    -X NAME      exclude sessions from group NAME and all descendants
    -a           select all sessions
    -d DIR       include session directory
    -g NAME      select session group NAME
    -o OPTION    override Isabelle system OPTION (via NAME=VAL or NAME)
    -v           verbose mode
    -x NAME      exclude session NAME and all descendants

  Import specified sessions into MMT archive directories.

Options -A and -C specify target archives and a mapping from Isabelle session chapters to MMT archives. Chapter names are provided in Isabelle session ROOT specifications, and archive names are the base directory names: if it is the same as the chapter name, the directory will be used at its root; otherwise the chapter becomes a sub-directory of the archive. The directories given via (multiple) -A options are recursively searched for MMT archives. If the result is empty, a fresh archive is initialized according to Isabelle system options mmt_archive_dir etc. Thus it is possible to use isabelle mmt without any archive options and get results into a default directory (isabelle_test), freshly initialized on demand.

Options -B, -D, -R, -X, -a, -d, -g, -x with remaining non-option arguments provide the standard Isabelle vocabulary to specify sessions, e.g. see isabelle build described in the system manual (with examples).

Option -o allows to augment the environment of Isabelle system options, before invoking the main import process; see again the system manual. A typical example is -o threads=8 to specify the number of ML threads, or -o skip_proofs to skip actual proof checking. Note that Isabelle/MMT also provides its own options in src/mmt-isabelle/etc/options (with short descriptions).

Option -v enables verbose mode, similar to isabelle build.

isabelle mmt_server

This is a thin wrapper for the regular MMT web server. It refers to archives in a similar manner as isabelle mmt_import; thus it is useful to explore the results of that tool. The command-line usage is as follows:

Usage: isabelle mmt_server [OPTIONS]

  Options are:
    -A DIR       add archive directory
    -p PORT      server port (default: 8080)

  Start MMT HTTP server on localhost, using specified archive directories.

Option -A refers to archive directories that are recursively explored as in isabelle mmt_build. In order to refer to the default archive of that tool (option -I above), it needs to be included explicitly as -A here: e.g. isabelle mmt_server -A isabelle_test.

Option -p specifies an alternative HTTP server port.

isabelle mmt

This is a thin wrapper to the standard MMT shell, running within the Isabelle system environment, with both the mmt.jar and the Isabelle/Scala jars in the Java name space. In particular, dropping into its scala toplevel allows to explore Isabelle and MMT functionality interactively on the Scala toplevel.

The command-line usage is the same as for the regular MMT shell.

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