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Still markdown syntax flavored markdown snippets
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Stick with Markdown Snippets

中文请见 这里

We love the simplicity of markdown syntax, but there are a few that are actually complex, like table, code block, and links...

This plugin come to rescue

Though obviously there are other markdown snippets plugins out there, but this plugin try to stick with markdown flavour syntax


  • Stick with markdown syntax snippets
  • Simplify table, code block, url and image link creation
  • Dynamically add table column and row
  • Configurable code block language alias


There are two ways to install, the first and recommended way is via Package Control:

  1. Make sure you have Package Control installed, see
  2. Open Command Pallete, and run Package Control: Install Package
  3. Search for Stick With Markdown Snippets and install

Another way is to clone source from github:

  1. Browse into your sublime text's package folder
  2. Run git clone


This plugin provide four snippet: table, code block, url link and image link. Just type in trigger then press tab to generate


Trigger by: |||

Result in:


More conveniently, you can add table column and table row dynamically:

  • when cursor in last header cell, use tab to add column, use enter to move to table body
  • when cursor in last table body cell, use enter to add row, use tab to tab out the table snippet

This gif will make things clear

table gif

Code Block

Trigger by: ``.

Result in:


You can also specify language alias like ``js, then it will be expand to


You can specify language alias in setting file. Default setting is like this:

    "lang_alias": {
        "js": "javascript",
        "py": "python",
        "md": "markdown",
        "rb": "ruby"

Image Link

Trigger by: ![

Result in: ![alt text](img path "optional title")

Url Link

Trigger by: [[

Result in: [text](url "optional title")

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